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December 31, 2009


photo of the Get Down from MySpace


Alright. It’s after 3 p.m. on the eve of New Year’s, and either you’ve settled in for a quality evening with the Star Wars trilogy, are preparing party snacks or are sitting on the proverbial fence of where to spend your last moments of 2009 that will be memorable, fun, slightly sane and won’t leave you with an ‘uh-oh’ empty wallet. Here are a few options for the final evening of the year that will offer all these things if you don’t have a house party to call home or a place to crash out and wait until it’s all over; because, after all, it’s just another night like any other, right?



Radio Summer Camp 411

August 21, 2009
image by Dwellephant

image by Dwellephant

Words by Erin Wolf

So, this ‘Radio Summer Camp‘ business: what’s it all about? Straight-shooter answer? It’s pretty much where 91.7 FM, WMSE throws a huge weekend party with shows throughout various venues that cater to nearly every genre on both a local and national level and also caters to the questions of those baffled by the music industry by offering a symposium (Sunday), where leaders in the industry will offer advice and know-how to attendees looking to brush up on all things band, label, press and booking-related. Fan-belt gets the lowdown from one of the main catalysts behind this weekend, WMSE Promotions Director Ryan Schleicher.


Sometime Sweet Susan: Re-lit Fuse

August 20, 2009


Words by Erin Wolf

Milwaukee has returned to its rock roots more vehemently in the past year with the rejoining of seminal acts such as Die Kreuzen, Boy Dirt Car and Cherry Cake: 90s rockers Sometime Sweet Susan are also joining the ranks of bands Milwaukee’s old-schoolers have been longing to see live, once again, and making it happen. Compound Red’s recent reunion show at Todd Wehr (2006) was a good reminder that the Milwaukee rock scene from the 90s definitely has not been forgotten, and is perhaps being resuscitated under the pure vitality of today’s scene, where current punkers and rockers, alike, are throwing their  energies into putting together stellar shows on both the weekends and ‘sleepier’ weekdays. Fan-belt talks to James Warchol, front man of Sometime Sweet Susan, to get his thoughts on ‘then’ versus ‘now’ before the band makes an appearance tonight at the Turner Hall Ballroom.

Sometime Sweet Susan, “Blanket Kiss”

Tonight At the Sugar Maple

August 3, 2009

video of Lewis & Clarke courtesy of YouTube

Our friends at Muzzle of Bees are teaming up with 91.7 FM, WMSE to bring in the stark and understated music of Lewis & Clarke tonight at the Sugar Maple. For those who are drawn to the simplistic beauty of folk, Lewis & Clarke’s live performance should prove to be captivating; especially in the more intimate setting of the Sugar Maple. 

Show starts at 8 p.m. With Caroline Weeks (formerly of Bat for Lashes) and Corridor. 21 + More information at The Sugar Maple is located at 441 E. Lincoln in Bay View.

Getting Geared Up for 24 Hours With Why I Must Be Careful

July 21, 2009
image from MySpace

image from MySpace

The RW24 is racing towards Milwaukee faster than fast: the annual 24-hour bike race is intended to build up a sense of community in the Riverwest neighborhood, not just for bikers in an urban environment, but all neighbors, business-owners and visitors. Community events such as these are like one, giant block party, and this year, both bikers and spectators will be surrounded by not only whirring gears and zipping tires, but musical cacophony as well.

Two stages, forming two separate block parties will be the main contenders, but also, special noise-jazz guests from Portland, Why I Must Be Careful, will be taking a ‘no-stage’ approach, playing a 24-hour set in congruence with the participating bikers. Heck, they’re even throwing in the race spirit, too, by playing a moveable stage that will be bike-powered. Check them out as they move their operation from station to station at the RW24 this weekend and get a sneak preview as they play a live set on WMSE today at 11 a.m. on Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ and tonight, at the River Horse for an 8 p.m. show.