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STNNNG Want to Climb Your Women

December 19, 2009

The Classical sets Lindsey up for a debilitating finishing move

When last they invaded Milwaukee, Minneapolis’ STNNNG (it’s pronounced “The Stunning,” rubes) were seen causing consternation and chasing people out of Circle A in Riverwest with their enthrallingly distinctive, spastic skronk-rock. Vocalist Chris “The Classical” Besinger climbed onto a table in the booth nearest the door, prompting the bevy of un-hip ladies at said booth to remark “fuck this” and bail. Then came my personal favorite moment of the night, documented in the photograph accompanying this piece. Chris climbs onto my friend Lindsey’s recent-car-crash-injured body while her then-boyfriend Tea looks on with a hint of “i’m watching you, pal” in his eyes. Meanwhile, the rest of the band pummelled the Circle A earholes with driving, stomping, brainy noise-rock. Exhilarating stuff for a room that holds maybe 30 people safely.

Fans of Milwaukee’s emerging crop of abrasive noisemakers will not want to miss STNNNG as they lay waste to Club Garibaldi’s on Sunday with locals Wereworm, Flaum Adger, and the Dim Suns. The band arrives in advance of a new full-length due out in the Spring on Modern Radio. The Club G band room is about 6 times larger than Circle A, so there’s knowing what (or who) The Classical will mount. Will the Club G disco ball finally meet a heinous and tragic end? Show up and find out!


Review: Blind Shake @ Sugar Maple (3/1)

March 3, 2009

Photo and words by DJ Hostettler

Local artist Tom Stack loves shows in tiny, intimate rooms. Responsible for years of great shows at Circle A (perhaps you’ve seen his charmingly minimal bird-and-worm posters advertising shows by the likes of Shellac, Bear Claw and STNNNG), Stack has recently focused his attention on the back room of the Sugar Maple on Lincoln Ave. The room is the perfect setting for an 8 p.m. show on a Sunday evening—one designed to appeal to a small core audience looking for one last thrill before the start of the work week. (more…)