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December 31, 2009


photo of the Get Down from MySpace


Alright. It’s after 3 p.m. on the eve of New Year’s, and either you’ve settled in for a quality evening with the Star Wars trilogy, are preparing party snacks or are sitting on the proverbial fence of where to spend your last moments of 2009 that will be memorable, fun, slightly sane and won’t leave you with an ‘uh-oh’ empty wallet. Here are a few options for the final evening of the year that will offer all these things if you don’t have a house party to call home or a place to crash out and wait until it’s all over; because, after all, it’s just another night like any other, right?



Photo Gallery: Scenes from Milwaukee’s First Cream City Music Festival

August 10, 2009

Words and photos by Brian Jacobsen

There’s a little park just off the main drag of the Third Ward called Catalano Square. It’s got a fountain, a popcorn wagon, some picnic tables, and some trees. But on Saturday, between storms, it had some damn fine music. Sponsored by 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, neighborhood venues like Charlie’s, and others (see our interview with event organizer Keegan Pavlik), the one-day event drew a fair crowd in the afternoon to watch Sam Roberts, Gringo Star, and three other music acts. For your amusement, here’s some photos Brian Jacobson took during the Championship and Gringo Star acts.


cream city slideshow

The Cream City Music Festival Takes to Catalano Square for its Inaugural Year

August 7, 2009


Words by Erin Wolf

In yet another attempt to underline the fact that Milwaukee is indeed rightly monikered as ‘City of Festivals’, Cream City Music Festival steps forward to breathe a little musical life into the Third Ward, with its stage set for Catalano Square Park. Locals Invade Rome  and The Championship will play side-by-side with nationals Gringo Star and the Sam Roberts Band, forming a community festival atmosphere for one of the last, sweet weekend days of summer in Brewtown. Fan-belt talks to Cream City Music Festival organizer, Keegan Pavlik about this Saturday’s event.


Moving At the Speed of Darkness

June 26, 2009


photo courtesy of the band

photo courtesy of The Championship

Words by Erin Wolf

“Love, shine on me, shine on me, and set us all free,” raised voices in song introduce listeners to the newest batch of songs from Milwaukee’s The Championship, who since 2005, have been forging their deep and twang-filled country songs in the fires and trials of life. This time around, the emphasis is on love and hope, although the title of their new EP might not make it seem like so. Traveling at the Speed of Darkness might sound like the next memorable quip from your new, favorite comic book hero, but to The Championship it’s all about understanding complexity. Singer Joe Crockett offers his explanation in time for the EP’s release this Saturday at the Cactus Club.

The Championship, “The Sword”

New EPs, Blackbirds and Cupcakes: The Championship Hosts a Party Tonight in Bay View

June 15, 2009


photo courtesy of Google

photo courtesy of Google

For all those who have an itchy trigger-ear for new stuff from Milwaukee’s The Championship, jump the gun with their official listening party tonight at the Blackbird bar in Bay View. 

Joe Crockett (and company) of The Championship and of Bear Rifle Records will be on hand to play host. The upcoming EP Moving at the Speed of Darkness is set for release on Tuesday, June 23rd, with the official release show on June 27th at Cactus Club. The band plans to ease into the celebrating with some pre-release cupcakes, beverages and pals. Delicious sounds and vittles: sounds like a good deal to us!

Check out the band’s new material tonight at Blackbird (3007 S. Kinnickinnic) at 9 p.m. More info at