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December 31, 2009


photo of the Get Down from MySpace


Alright. It’s after 3 p.m. on the eve of New Year’s, and either you’ve settled in for a quality evening with the Star Wars trilogy, are preparing party snacks or are sitting on the proverbial fence of where to spend your last moments of 2009 that will be memorable, fun, slightly sane and won’t leave you with an ‘uh-oh’ empty wallet. Here are a few options for the final evening of the year that will offer all these things if you don’t have a house party to call home or a place to crash out and wait until it’s all over; because, after all, it’s just another night like any other, right?



TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

August 13, 2009

photo by John Knappe

Thursday, August 13th

Haz Solo + Philthy @ Stonefly (735 E. Center), 10 p.m.

Haz Solo has been throwing down his skills at Stonefly for quite some time, making it the place to see the Milwaukee MC/producer in his element. Lyrical prowess and fluid jazz-y hip hop showed that Haz Solo is a hip hop artist to reckon with and watch at the recent Miltown Beatdown. Catch Haz, solo, as he presents live versions of his popular mix tapes. 

Friday, August 14th

Daniel Johnston + The Candeliers @ Turner Hall Ballroom (1032 N. 4th), 8 p.m.

An enigma of a man, Daniel Johnston made the musical world sit up and take notice with his simplistic genius and intensely troubled personality. The 48-year old began writing music as a teen on piano and organ, armed with a boombox as a recording device. Johnston brings a local element to his performance on Friday night by including The Candeliers as not only his opener, but backup band.


photo by David J. Cubberly

 Saturday, August 15th

Sleepcomesdown + Zebras, Daydreams, Worrier @ The Borg Ward (823 W. National), 8 p.m.

Sleepcomesdown does stage effects like no other band in Milwaukee. Swirling and flashing lights compliment the discordant, frenetic wash of effects, loops and sometimes-dual percussion on the artsy post-rockers’ songs. Expect to hear some new material at The Borg Ward on Saturday as the band is currently working on a follow-up full length to their EP release from last spring.

TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

May 14, 2009
photo of Wilmot Proviso courtesy of MySpace

photo of Wilmot Proviso courtesy of MySpace

Thursday, May 14th

Solo Night @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 8:30 p.m. Featuring: Mark Waldoch, Steven Look, Quinn Scharber, Wilmot Proviso and Mike Skorcz

Singer/songwriter night takes on a new identity as Cactus does its take on the barroom standby by fitting its stage with some of the finest talent in the city; and this is no knockoff of American Idol. Both the talent and intention of Cactus Club’s Solo Night is solid, with the entire proceeds of the evening turned over to 91.7 FM, WMSE.


photo of the Scarring Party courtesy of Myspace

 Saturday, May 16th

The Scarring Party (CD release) + Mark Waldoch @ LuLu (2261 S. Howell), 10:30 p.m.

Like an Edward Gorey-an orchestra rehearsal, Milwaukee’s the Scarring Party takes on its melee of accordions, tubas and chimes in the most sinister of tones, giving them an edge even with the most up-tempo of compositions. Saturday sees the release of their latest work at Bay View’s notorious home of Asian slaw and homemade potato chips: LuLu.


photo of William Elliott Whitmore courtesy of MySpace

William Elliott Whitmore + John the Savage @ Stonefly (735 E Center), 10 p.m.

With a baritone as deep as the stories that said voice outputs, Iowa native William Elliott Whitmore  is a walking take on musical history. His style mixes gospel and folk, coming across with the solo oomph of Holly Golightly, the rebellious spirit of the Pogues and the energetic folk rock of Lucero. Following the release of his most recent Animals in the Dark, Whitmore is experiencing even more time in the spotlight. He won’t remain a fans’ secret for much longer. Opening is Milwaukee’s John the Savage. Singer Mike Skorcz will be giving Whitmore’s gravel-y voice a run for its money.

photo of Across Tundras by Andrew Weiss

photo of Across Tundras by Andrew Weiss

 Monday, May 18th

Across Tundras + Admiral Browning, Northless, This Specific Dream @ the Borg Ward (823 W. National), 7 p.m.

With song titles such as “Last Breath Over Venom Falls”, “Death Dealing Man” and “Tectonic Shifts”, Nashville’s Across Tundras bring folk-metal to the masses with substance. Their droning haze of echoed wails, vast wall of guitars and plodding percussion seem to evoke a west-destinied trek in the dead of winter. Bleak? Yes, but Across Tundras fill their music with enough chutzpah to give it the fighting power that should please both zone-outers and thrashers.



Review: Headlights + At Latl + John the Savage @ Stonefly (3/11)

March 12, 2009

Headlights @ Stonefly (3/11)

Headlights @ Stonefly (3/11)

Photos by Jared Guess
Words by Erin Wolf

 The cavernous Stonefly Brewing Company was packed on an unlikely Wednesday night for the joined musical performance forces of Milwaukee’s John the Savage and At Latl with the headliners from Champaign, Illinois: Headlights. People lined up in a squished thread along the huge bar, stood attentively at the stage and filled up every chair and table in the venue. (more…)

Localized: The Delta Routine

January 29, 2009



photo courtesy of the band

photo courtesy of the band

Words by Erin Wolf

The Delta Routine has got a bit of cabin fever  just like the rest of us. Perched on the edge of a Spring tour, the blues-rock trio is hoping to get fresh inspiration for some new material. Putting their latest release Donna through the Milwaukee show circuit wringer, they are off to give it a few more turns in different locales before testing the waters with their new material. Before the Delta Routine slows down their local calendar they’ll showcase their ’08 album one last time at Stonefly this Friday, and they’ll have their audience also catching glimpses of their new songs before they officially materialize.

“Little Truth”, the Delta Routine