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Father Phoenix Set to Fly Out of Milwaukee

December 23, 2009

After the recent release of a new EP, local psych rockers Father Phoenix are calling it quits with singer/vocalist Kris Maedke-Russell heading out to Georgia, leaving behind not only one band, but two, (Maedke-Russell is also bassist for Call Me Lightning).

Maedke-Russell will be replaced in the latter group, but the disbandment of Father Phoenix is a solid, and unfortunately so. Fan-belt was pretty stoked to hear their new material last summer (read *here*) after featuring them in our ‘Localized’ segment earlier in the year, and is hoping that despite the distance, they’ll manage a reunion here and there as most local disbanded bands eventually do.

Since it’s not goodbye quite yet, catch them one, last time at Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) at 10 p.m. tonight as they open for Call Me Lightning.


TGIT: All-Halloween Weekend Picks Edition

October 29, 2009

It’s that time of year, where everyone dresses up and pretends to be something they’re not (be it undead, famous or “sexy”), so if you’re gonna catch some live music this weekend, why bother with bands that aren’t doing the same? This is the one weekend where you won’t be shunned and shamed for going to see a band playing covers, so do it up right with these shows:


Friday, Oct. 30

Halloween Spoof Night Part 1 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: DEVO, Replacements, Green Day, & Last Sons of Krypton

Chances that the Green Day cover set will contain material from their most recent 21st Century Breakdown album? Probably close to 0, although that would be a weird sort of genius move, doing nothing but recent Green Day covers and foregoing their Kerplunk! and Dookie classics. Expect to be confounded by the Last Sons of Krypton set, unless you grew up in the Green Bay and Manitowoc areas in the mid-1990s. Then again, if this version can anger the crowd as much as the originals did back in the day, that could be worth the price of admission alone.


Saturday, Oct. 31

Halloween Spoof Night Part 2 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: Alice Cooper, Dictators, Weezer & Link Wray

The Dictators will apparently be represented on stage by Texas retro-punks Bad Sports, and according to their MySpace, it looks like they’re making a trip up to Milwaukee just to play this show, which is pretty crazy. Show up since they apparently are gonna need the gas money. They’ll be joined by Link Wray (awesome) and the Alice Cooper Band, who will hopefully storm the stage during the Weezer cover set and stage some sort of theatrical guillotining of Rivers Cuomo, which would make my Halloween truly complete and would even prompt me to leave my Halloween party on the East Side to see that fantasy of mine acted out live.


Cactus Club, 9 PM: Summertime Dudes w/Father Phoenix (as The Who), E-Coli Cherry and Big Balls (AC/DC Tribute)

Just a shot in the dark, but a band featuring a member of Call Me Lightning covering songs by The Who will probably be pretty damn solid. E-Coli Cherry = The Red Knife Lottery doing whatever the hell they feel like covering, and the Summertime Dudes will likely be doing the same. If you like your cover bands not rooted in one specific oeuvre, these two bands will satisfy that fix and save you a trip out to the Main Stage in Waukesha.

Reviewed: Revision Text’s Modern Science

October 8, 2009


photo of Revision Text courtesy of MySpace

photo of Revision Text courtesy of MySpace


Words by Allen Cote

Hey kids, do ya like dancing? You like rock n’ roll? Got a lot of feelings you don’t quite know what to do with?


Father Phoenix Redefines “Wall of Sound” With New Material

July 9, 2009


image from MySpace

image from MySpace

Words by Erin Wolf

Everything you loved about 70s hard rock is alive and well with Father Phoenix as they display even prog-ier tendencies with added Hammond wailing on their epic new EP Large Bodies. Recorded and mixed at Howl Street Studios with Shane Hochstetler and mastered at Mastermind Studios by Trevor Sadler, Large Bodies is thick, raucous and relentless. Digging into epic metal scenarios where “waters wake up on starless nights / glory sleeps in starless lives” (“Starless”), Father Phoenix has created a lyrical backdrop that reflects a caustic cauldron of sound that sweeps and swirls from beginning to end. 

Guitarist/vocalist Kristopher Maedke-Russell picks off a track from their down the road full-length and explains the creation of its chaos.” ‘Tonight’ was written close to the end of writing for the new full-length album Father Phoenix Finds a Planet New to Man,” Maedke-Russell says.  “The lyrics and mood evoke the lightheartedness of young lovers hellbent on living in the moment and for no one but each other and themselves, which has become a major theme in the album.”

Check out new material from Father Phoenix at the Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) this Friday, July 10th. 10 p.m. 21+ Also playing: Mother Orchis, Vampire Hands (MN). 

Father Phoenix, “Tonight”

TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

March 19, 2009
Image courtesy of MySpace

Image courtesy of MySpace

Thursday, March 19th

Condominium + Herds, Truthdealer @ Franks Power Plant (2800 S. Kinnickinnic), 10 p.m.

Herds will rip faces off with its frenzy of hardcore and punk guitars and intense drumming whether the audience wants them to or not: there’s just no other way. The four-piece are an intense whirlwind of sound that will appeal to fans of everything musically brutal from Get Rad to Speedfreaks to Northless

Photo courtesy of MySpace

Photo courtesy of MySpace


Friday, March 20th

Cougar Den + Father Phoenix, Cloud Mouth, Red Knife Lottery @ Y-Not III (1854 E. Kenilworth), 10 p.m.

Cougar Den is getting a lot of well-deserved respect for their keepondrifter release of last year: the Milwaukee hardcore scene is getting thicker than thieves, but Cougar Den is navigating the waters just fine, going strong on a standard three-person set-up but cranking it up with an edge of energy and enthusiasm and a strong basement following, setting them ahead of the rest by creating a genuine appeal with their hardworking ethos.

Photo of K_Digital by Ryan Zajicek

Photo of K_Digital by Ryan Zajicek

DJs K_Digital + Jayx, Crisgo Disco, Geewiz & Speed Tek @ Moct (240 E. Pittsburgh), 9 p.m.

Hit the dancefloor this weekend with DJ (Kory) K_Digital as the regular Moct DJ shakes the speakers with skill and ease. Joining him is Jayx, as much of a talent on the club turntables as a talent on the mic, manning his own electronic dance music show (“Streamline”) on WMSE for the past twelve years.


Photo courtesy of MySpace

Photo courtesy of MySpace

Saturday, March 21st

Wizard of Cause + Jonathan Burks, Spransy & Kolb @ Mad Planet (533 E. Center), 10 p.m.

J. Todd truly is a wizard of sorts, first conjuring up dance-pop bliss with Leo Minor and hip hop rhythms of the former Def Harmonic. Mr. Todd is back with his newest musical cause, aptly entitled Wizard of Cause, sure to get feet moving. To create a truly magical evening, the pure pop of Spransy & Kolb will be paired along with the honky tonk drunk punk of Jonathan Burks.