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TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

December 18, 2009

Friday, December 18th

Decibully CD release with Invade Rome, Fable & the World Flat @ Bay View Brewhaus (2535 S. Kinnickinnic), 8 p.m.

For Decibully fans, it’s been worth the wait for World Travels Fast to not only have an album in their hands, but also to see the veteran Milwaukee band release it on their own (and brand-new) Listening Party Records. For their official CD send-off, they’ve invited Milwaukee’s Invade Rome and  Fable & the World Flat to share the stage.

photo from MySpace


Saturday, December 19th

Lab Partners (featuring Phantom Channel and LMNtlyst) CD release with Pezzettino and Chalice in the Palace @ Mad Planet (533 E. Center), 10 p.m.

Two local hip hop geniuses have gotten together to cook up a new, experimentalized version of hip hop, funk, avant garde and alternative in the new duo of Lab Partners. Phantom Channel of the Rusty P’s and LMNtlyst, local beat maker, get to set to release their debut CD on Saturday at Mad Planet. Also joining in the release celebration are reggae spinners, Chalice in the Palace and local accordionist/pianist Pezzettino.


photo from MySpace


Dutchess & the Duke, Greg Ashley, Jaill, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor @ Club Garibaldi’s (2501 S. Superior), 9 p.m.

Seattle’s Dutchess & the Duke’s sophomore release Sunset/Sunrise is still a ringer for a classic Kinks/Stones sound, but retains its own modern grittiness. Greg Ashley of the Gris Gris recorded the album in his California studio and travels this particular leg of their tour alongside the duo of Kimberly Morrison and Jesse Lortz. Also playing are Jaill, one of Milwaukee’s best and brightest long-time pop groups, showing up to the stage with an extra ‘l’ in tow and a new record deal with Sub Pop.

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Sunday, December 20th

Abaddon (final show) with Contagium, Dawn, Brainwreck @ Riverhorse (701 E. Center), 7 p.m.

One of Milwaukee’s best and most intense hardcore/metal bands (Abaddon) calls it quits at a venue familiar and dear to their hearts — Riverhorse. Pay your respects in the the close and caustic space befitting a band that has played countless solid shows there to their fans.


Forward Music Fest Recap: Part I

September 23, 2009


photo of the New Loud by DJ Hostettler

photo of the New Loud by DJ Hostettler

Words By DJ Hostettler

While doing some shopping at B-Side Records on State Street before the bands started on Saturday, I overheard some of the store employees echoing a sentiment I had been hearing from a few other people regarding this year’s Forward Music Festival in Madison: “where’s the draw this year?” Sure, acts like Andrew Bird and Low are nothing to sneeze at, but when compared to last year’s diverse three-pronged attack of Neko Case, Bob Mould, and local legends Killdozer, this year’s crop of national headliners felt a little less exciting. Add to this the fact that most of the national acts seemed lazily culled from the annals of Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” (Yacht, Antlers, Ra Ra Riot), and my enthusiasm for the trek to Madtown wasn’t what it was last year. Still, I’m a huge fan of the Festival in principle, and want to see a big, multivenue music fest succeed and thrive in Wisconsin, so I hopped in the car and drove west. 


TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

August 20, 2009


photo of De La Buena courtesy of MySpace

photo of De La Buena courtesy of MySpace

Thursday, August 20th

De La Buena @ Jazz In The Park (Cathedral Square Park, downtown), 7 p.m.

De La Buena’s Afro-Cuban Latin jazz is perfect for outdoor listening, which is probably why the majority of the ten-piece’s shows have been out in the open air for a good chunk of the recent warm weather months. This particular fresh air show will be a total treat to Jazz in the Park goers, who will undoubtedly appreciate the ensemble’s lively compositions and energetic performance skills. Get up off your blankets and dance.

photo of the Figureheads courtesy of MySpace

photo of the Figureheads courtesy of MySpace

Friday, August 21st

Hot*Pop Hip Hop Stage with The Rusty Ps, The Figureheads, Kid Millions, DJ Deadbeat and KingHell Bastard @ Stonefly (735  E. Center), 9 p.m.

Stonefly will play host to a huge hip hop party hosted by WMSE’s The Mad Kids and the Boogie Bang Gang featuring talent from the Figureheads, Kid Millions (see KM’s video for “Victim to the Beat” that we posted earlier today) and The Rusty Ps — so much talent under one roof, in fact, that it’s sure to blow that roof clear off. This is a perfect chance to check out some of Milwaukee’s brightest and best hip hop stars.

photo by J.W. Lawson

photo of Decibully by J.W. Lawson

Saturday, August 22nd

Decibully + Smith Westerns, The Celebrated Workingman @ the Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10 p.m.

While Decibully fans are still holding their collective breath for word on release of the indie pop band’s third album World Travels Fast, they can still catch a preview of it *here* and catch ’em live in the meantime, which in actuality, is the best way to experience the detail-oriented and heartfelt attitude of Decibully’s music. The band always packs ’em in, so be sure to get there early.

Two For Tuesday

May 19, 2009


Tuesday, it is, but we just can’t resist scheming up weekend plans way early: luckily, this weekend is another potential blockbuster for shows. And where will the lines be forming? Two good guesses are Cream City Skatepark and Cactus Club

Cream City transforms from mere ramps and opps to do a 50-50 grind to a venue for Curb’s CD release show. Add veteran hardcore heroes Speedfreaks and Get Rad and that’s enough excitement to last an entire day. The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m.

Looking to ease into your Sunday morning? Revision Text and Decibully team up to offer a mellow night of melodic pop. Revision Text gifts Milwaukee with a brand new CD to get us geared up for their 2009 Summerfest appearance. Check out Revision Text’s recent performance at Cactus Club, below.

TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

January 22, 2009


Photo of Decibully by JW Lawson

Photo of Decibully by JW Lawson

Friday, January 23rd

Decibully + Heller Mason @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10 p.m.

Milwaukee’s Decibully is sitting on the hard copy of their collection of songs entitled World Travels Fast for the time being, but that certainly doesn’t disclude them from playing these incubating songs out in public. This sincere drama-folk/pop outfit is more than happy to rock out in the waiting room. With Heller Mason.


Image of the Borg Ward courtesy of MySpace

Hypernation Fest/Borg Ward Benefit @ Linneman’s (1001 E. Locust), 10 p.m. [also on Saturday, 1/24]

Lord knows, keeping the arts alive in our city is a constant struggle. Record stores, bookstores and countless other arts-centric communities are feeling the hot breath of the dragon that is a recession on their delicate necks. Benefits are a good means for these arts communities and organizations to survive. The Borg Ward Collective is one such organization, and is throwing a stellar two-day benefit to keep them rolling and rocking. The benefit will be at local music-friendly Linneman’s and will feature ifIHadaHiFi, Truthdealer, Head On Electric, Uh-Oh and the fine theatricals of Insurgent Theatre. Complete information at Linnemans’ web site.

Photo of Signaldrift courtesy of Google Images

Photo of Signaldrift courtesy of Google Images

Signaldrift + Mystery Palace, Sling @ Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center St.), 10 p.m.

Signaldrift is a wonderfully gauzy trio, catering to those who like their ambience served with a bit of intelligence and solid musicianship. Those who remember the bygone loveliness of Milwaukee’s Casino Versus Japan will be satiated by this group on Wobblyhead Records. With Mystery Palace and Sling.


Photo of El Gordo courtesy of MySpace

Photo of El Gordo courtesy of MySpace

Saturday, January 24th

El Gordo + Speed Freaks (CD release), Eske, White Rose, Cry Coyote @ Club Garibaldi (2501 S. Superior St.), 10 p.m.

El Gordo has been getting ferocious press from Milwaukee media to match their music-making ethic. Their recent release, Apetito is full of intense bass hooks, Spanish rhymes and more than enough genuine gusto to slay most hip hop groups at the moment. Pairing up with hardcore/metal bands is nothing out of the ordinary for El Gordo; they’ve played alongside Milwaukee’s Speed Freaks before, this time helping their amigos out with the CD release show for the Speed Freaks’ new album Survive.