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STNNNG Want to Climb Your Women

December 19, 2009

The Classical sets Lindsey up for a debilitating finishing move

When last they invaded Milwaukee, Minneapolis’ STNNNG (it’s pronounced “The Stunning,” rubes) were seen causing consternation and chasing people out of Circle A in Riverwest with their enthrallingly distinctive, spastic skronk-rock. Vocalist Chris “The Classical” Besinger climbed onto a table in the booth nearest the door, prompting the bevy of un-hip ladies at said booth to remark “fuck this” and bail. Then came my personal favorite moment of the night, documented in the photograph accompanying this piece. Chris climbs onto my friend Lindsey’s recent-car-crash-injured body while her then-boyfriend Tea looks on with a hint of “i’m watching you, pal” in his eyes. Meanwhile, the rest of the band pummelled the Circle A earholes with driving, stomping, brainy noise-rock. Exhilarating stuff for a room that holds maybe 30 people safely.

Fans of Milwaukee’s emerging crop of abrasive noisemakers will not want to miss STNNNG as they lay waste to Club Garibaldi’s on Sunday with locals Wereworm, Flaum Adger, and the Dim Suns. The band arrives in advance of a new full-length due out in the Spring on Modern Radio. The Club G band room is about 6 times larger than Circle A, so there’s knowing what (or who) The Classical will mount. Will the Club G disco ball finally meet a heinous and tragic end? Show up and find out!


TGIT: All-Halloween Weekend Picks Edition

October 29, 2009

It’s that time of year, where everyone dresses up and pretends to be something they’re not (be it undead, famous or “sexy”), so if you’re gonna catch some live music this weekend, why bother with bands that aren’t doing the same? This is the one weekend where you won’t be shunned and shamed for going to see a band playing covers, so do it up right with these shows:


Friday, Oct. 30

Halloween Spoof Night Part 1 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: DEVO, Replacements, Green Day, & Last Sons of Krypton

Chances that the Green Day cover set will contain material from their most recent 21st Century Breakdown album? Probably close to 0, although that would be a weird sort of genius move, doing nothing but recent Green Day covers and foregoing their Kerplunk! and Dookie classics. Expect to be confounded by the Last Sons of Krypton set, unless you grew up in the Green Bay and Manitowoc areas in the mid-1990s. Then again, if this version can anger the crowd as much as the originals did back in the day, that could be worth the price of admission alone.


Saturday, Oct. 31

Halloween Spoof Night Part 2 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: Alice Cooper, Dictators, Weezer & Link Wray

The Dictators will apparently be represented on stage by Texas retro-punks Bad Sports, and according to their MySpace, it looks like they’re making a trip up to Milwaukee just to play this show, which is pretty crazy. Show up since they apparently are gonna need the gas money. They’ll be joined by Link Wray (awesome) and the Alice Cooper Band, who will hopefully storm the stage during the Weezer cover set and stage some sort of theatrical guillotining of Rivers Cuomo, which would make my Halloween truly complete and would even prompt me to leave my Halloween party on the East Side to see that fantasy of mine acted out live.


Cactus Club, 9 PM: Summertime Dudes w/Father Phoenix (as The Who), E-Coli Cherry and Big Balls (AC/DC Tribute)

Just a shot in the dark, but a band featuring a member of Call Me Lightning covering songs by The Who will probably be pretty damn solid. E-Coli Cherry = The Red Knife Lottery doing whatever the hell they feel like covering, and the Summertime Dudes will likely be doing the same. If you like your cover bands not rooted in one specific oeuvre, these two bands will satisfy that fix and save you a trip out to the Main Stage in Waukesha.

Sticks N Stones

September 3, 2009

photo by Andy Junk

Words by Erin Wolf

The mother of all garage shows is set to smack Milwaukee upside the head this Friday. An explosion of snappy and sweet, scuzzed-up sounds will be hitting Club Garibaldi as the joined forces of locals Sticks N Stones and Gut Reactions and out-of-towners Brimstone Howl, Woven Bones and The Spits shake up the crowd and cause a little good-natured rock and roll-induced chaos.

Newcomers, Sticks N Stones, comprised of the now-defunct sugary garage pop outfit Tuff Bananas, has played only a handful of shows under their new guise, but are more than ready to play the leader. Fan-belt talks to guitarist Paul Kalfahs about ‘guitar/bass/drums’ set-ups, playing with The Ponys and about flipping the bird to the proverbial sticks and stones.


Sticks n Stones, “Tellin’ the Truth” [live]


The Gospel According to Distortion

August 21, 2009

video of Gospel Gossip courtesy of YouTube

Gospel Gossip (MN) will be making yet another appearance in Milwaukee (last winter, they played a roiling set at the Cactus Club and blew the roof off the Borg Ward last summer). The word about this trio has caught on for fans of minimalist set-ups and big sounds. Guitarist/vocalist Sarah Nienaber manages to retain the proper levels of fuzz and feedback and sweetly shrieked vocals, often while rolling about on stage, getting up only to shove the face of her guitar into an amp to get a desired level of distortion.

Bitch Magazine, upon reviewing the band’s first release Sing Into My Mouth, remarked that “It’s fuzzy, pretty, and uber-rhythmic — that mid-tempo, incredibly danceable pop that Fugazi and Nation of Ulysses popularized in Washington D.C. in the early 90s.” The band’s just-released album Dreamland is an even more impressively recorded rendition of the band’s live performance, their single “Nashville” sweeping listeners into an audio land that Echo and the Bunnymen created long ago, with soaring yet stoic bass lines and spaciously ringing guitars. Catch Gospel Gossip tonight at Club Garibaldi as they pair up once again with their Milwaukee shoegazer-y counterparts, Brief Candles. Club Garibaldi is located at 2501 S. Superior in Bay View. 8 p.m. 21+

TGIT: Our Weekend Picks

June 25, 2009


photo courtesy of Google

photo courtesy of Google

Thursday, June 25th

Summerfest: day one @ Maier Festival Park (through July 5th)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know. Summerfest is being crammed down Milwaukee’s throats and for some, it means a bad case of indigestion. Maybe acid reflux. Still, some are reveling in the fact that today is the start of the 700 + band lineup over the next eleven days. Check out the local sounds of The Invaders, Cougar Den, Fresh Cut Collective and Testa Rosa at the well-stocked Cascio Interstate Groove Garage with WMSE and the Shepherd Express or one of the many nationals such as KISS, Rodrigo y Gabriela the Meat Puppets or Lupe Fiasco. Even if you’re not into the music the day of your attendance, at least the fireworks will put that sparkle in your eye.


photo of Shellac courtesy of Google

photo of Shellac courtesy of Google

 Friday, July 26th

Shellac + Three Second Kiss, Bear Claw @ Club Garibaldi’s, 2501 S. Superior, 8 p.m.

Minimalist rock’s favorite bitter pill and engineering guru Steve Albini will spend Friday night on the stage of Club Garibaldi in Milwaukee, dousing his audience with shards of guitars and gnarled, meaty lyrics while drummer Todd Trainer provides the controlled variable percussion of Shellac. Best consider trading your ear plugs for gauze pads, because Shellac does not play nice. 2007’s Excellent Italian Greyhound is evidence of the band not planning to sugar-coat their music anytime soon. Also, get there early, as half the tickets were pre-sales and space is limited.


flier courtesy of MySpace

flier courtesy of MySpace

Saturday, June 27th

Masonry + Bored Straight, Armada, Parrhesia @ The Borg Ward (823 W. National), 7 p.m.

For those looking to get exercise their inner aggro without getting arrested, the Borg Ward offers enough in hardcore, fastcore and heavy post-punk to loosen the worst hot weather-addled nerves. Sweat it off while Milwaukee’s Bored Straight pays homage to Black Flag and Parrhesia (Chicago) tears it up, claiming they [play as though] “stuck in a whirlwind of shit”; maybe a shitstorm of pummeling guitars and crash cymbals? Masonry rounds out the bill with their brainy guitar/bass/drums instrumental catharsis, sans vocals. Heavy and layered, Masonry is captivating, live.