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TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

December 18, 2009

Friday, December 18th

Decibully CD release with Invade Rome, Fable & the World Flat @ Bay View Brewhaus (2535 S. Kinnickinnic), 8 p.m.

For Decibully fans, it’s been worth the wait for World Travels Fast to not only have an album in their hands, but also to see the veteran Milwaukee band release it on their own (and brand-new) Listening Party Records. For their official CD send-off, they’ve invited Milwaukee’s Invade Rome and  Fable & the World Flat to share the stage.

photo from MySpace


Saturday, December 19th

Lab Partners (featuring Phantom Channel and LMNtlyst) CD release with Pezzettino and Chalice in the Palace @ Mad Planet (533 E. Center), 10 p.m.

Two local hip hop geniuses have gotten together to cook up a new, experimentalized version of hip hop, funk, avant garde and alternative in the new duo of Lab Partners. Phantom Channel of the Rusty P’s and LMNtlyst, local beat maker, get to set to release their debut CD on Saturday at Mad Planet. Also joining in the release celebration are reggae spinners, Chalice in the Palace and local accordionist/pianist Pezzettino.


photo from MySpace


Dutchess & the Duke, Greg Ashley, Jaill, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor @ Club Garibaldi’s (2501 S. Superior), 9 p.m.

Seattle’s Dutchess & the Duke’s sophomore release Sunset/Sunrise is still a ringer for a classic Kinks/Stones sound, but retains its own modern grittiness. Greg Ashley of the Gris Gris recorded the album in his California studio and travels this particular leg of their tour alongside the duo of Kimberly Morrison and Jesse Lortz. Also playing are Jaill, one of Milwaukee’s best and brightest long-time pop groups, showing up to the stage with an extra ‘l’ in tow and a new record deal with Sub Pop.

photo from MySpace


Sunday, December 20th

Abaddon (final show) with Contagium, Dawn, Brainwreck @ Riverhorse (701 E. Center), 7 p.m.

One of Milwaukee’s best and most intense hardcore/metal bands (Abaddon) calls it quits at a venue familiar and dear to their hearts — Riverhorse. Pay your respects in the the close and caustic space befitting a band that has played countless solid shows there to their fans.


TGIT! Our Weekend Picks!

June 4, 2009

Friday, June 5

Weak Sisters + Climax Denial + Blessed Sacrifist + Hatehearted @ Borg Ward Collective (823 W. National Ave.), 7 p.m.

It’s an evening of noise, glorious noise! An extravaganza of knob-turning distortion, wicked feedback and ass-kicking — a delightful showcase of aggro-gazer headlined by Fort Collins, Colo. Weak Sisters (shown above.) Milwaukee noise-meister Climax Denial is scheduled for a set, also Blessed Sacrifist, whose layers and loops of cymbal crashes embody an awesome lesson in the possibilities that can happen when you stack bizarre sonic frequencies.

Plexi 3 (CD Release) + The Hussy + Modern Convenience @ Linneman’s (1001 E. Locust St.), 9:30 p.m.

Pop-punk outfit Plexi-3 returned home late last month from a three-week tour. This homecoming show doubles as the band’s CD release party in celebration of their debut Tides of Change. From what’s streaming on their MySpace page, it got a Ronnettes vs. Sex Pistols kind of vibe too it. Quite delicious. We told y’all how much we like the garage rock duo The Hussy a little while back; they’re adding the salt to this sweet evening of punky pop.

Saturday, June 6

ChalliceChalice in the Palace @ Mad Planet, (533 E. Center St.) 9 p.m.

Chalice in the Palace is a regularly-occurring reggae record spin happens at clubs all over town that should have got some love from us long ago; it’s one of the coolest spins in the city. Saturday’s event is a slight change-up, featuring DJ Avets (vintage funk/hip-hop) DJ Eltronix (dark dub) and DJ Marcus Garvey, aka Marcus Doucette from RadioMilwaukee.

TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

April 16, 2009
photo by Jim Sponholz

photo by Jim Sponholz

We aren’t exactly trying to be escapists, but this weekend in Milwaukee music is pretty overwhelming (but overwhelming equals good, in this case). To attempt to pick the usual pick-three-or-four-shows-out-of-x-number-of-shows-going-on would be pretty tough, because ‘x’ equals about twenty this time around. So, with that, here is a tribute list to the multitudinous things one should consider forking it over for because you are too broke to go to Coachella, or think that Coachella is for losers (it’s either one or the other). Milwaukee-dwellers, here’s the wind-up, and the pitch:

Thursday, April 16th

Turner Hall Ballroom: 1032 N. 4th: (“no-buck show”) The Parlor Mob + Invade Rome, 8 p.m.

Linneman’s: 1001 E. Locust: Robert Sarazin Blake + Jonathan Burks, 9 p.m.

Friday, April 17th

Linnemans: 1001 E. Locust: The Maze, The Vega Star, Cedarwell, 10 p.m.

Shank Hall: 1434 E. Farwell: Adrian Belew Power Trio, 8 p.m.

Frank’s Power Plant: 2800 S. Kinnickinnic: Rapid Adapter, Mechanics of Romance, The Empty Faces, 10 p.m.

Sugar Maple: 441 E. Lincoln: Jed Bishop

Stonefly: 735 E. Center: Fresh Cut Collective, 10 p.m.

Turner Hall Ballroom: 1032 N. 4th: Gallery Night Fashion Show with Codebreaker, The Etiquette, Perfect Little Monster, Kid Millions, King Hell Bastard, Chalice in the Palace, No Request, The Glamour

(Gallery Night)

Saturday, April 18th

Exclusive Co.: 1669 N. Farwell: Record Store Day, details *here*, additional story *here* 11:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Alverno’s Pitman Theater: 3431 S. 39th: Rachid Taha, 8 p.m.

Cactus Club: 2496 S. Wentworth: Somebody Talked (last show!), Year of the Scavenger, 10 p.m.

Shank Hall: 1434 N. Farwell: Pezzettino (Lion CD release) + Jentri Colello, Miles Nielson

Mad Planet: 533 E. Center: Kings Go Forth, NXMW DJs (northern soul DJs from around the Midwest) 10 p.m.

Turner Hall Ballroom: 1032 N. 4th: Jeff Beck, 8 p.m.

Art Bar: 722 E. Burleigh: Quinn Scharber, 9 p.m.

Frank’s Power Plant: 2800 S. Kinnickinnic: Tina Sparkle, Grand Disaster, The Aimless Blades, 10 p.m.

BBC Upper Level: 2022 E. North: The Saltshakers, Slo-Fi, Maudlin, 9 p.m.

Riverhorse: 701 E. Center: Architects of the Aftermath, RAZORFIST, Party by the Slice, 7 p.m.

Sunday, April 19th

Cactus Club: 2496 S. Wentworth: Extra Golden + The Chain, 10 p.m.

Borg Ward: 823 W. National: Yellow Crystal Star, Child Bride, Blessed Sacrifist, 7 p.m.

Carroll College: 100 N. East: Death Cab for Cutie, Cold War Kids, Ra Ra Riot, 8 p.m.