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Father Phoenix Set to Fly Out of Milwaukee

December 23, 2009

After the recent release of a new EP, local psych rockers Father Phoenix are calling it quits with singer/vocalist Kris Maedke-Russell heading out to Georgia, leaving behind not only one band, but two, (Maedke-Russell is also bassist for Call Me Lightning).

Maedke-Russell will be replaced in the latter group, but the disbandment of Father Phoenix is a solid, and unfortunately so. Fan-belt was pretty stoked to hear their new material last summer (read *here*) after featuring them in our ‘Localized’ segment earlier in the year, and is hoping that despite the distance, they’ll manage a reunion here and there as most local disbanded bands eventually do.

Since it’s not goodbye quite yet, catch them one, last time at Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) at 10 p.m. tonight as they open for Call Me Lightning.


TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

April 23, 2009
image courtesy of MySpace

image courtesy of MySpace

Thursday, April 23rd

Movie Star Junkies + Daniel James Gang, Crappy Dracula, The Plates @ Frank’s Power Plant (2800 S. Kinnickinnic), 10 p.m.

All the way from Turin, Italy, the Movie Star Junkies are ready to infiltrate its ‘voodoo rhythm’ on Milwaukee. It’s their first tour in the States, and they’ve planned it out in proper style with basement shows and two-day stops in the home of garage rock, Detroit. They make their stop in Brew Town, playing alongside local, Thin Lizzy-esque the Daniel James Gang and the wonderfully abrasive Crappy Dracula


image courtesy of MySpace

image courtesy of MySpace

Friday, April 24th

De La Buena + Snarky Puppy @ Stonefly (735 E. Center), 10 p.m.

The ten-strong, Afro-Cuban/Latin Jazz pros, De La Buena have been recently entrenched in the making of their second recording effort. Undoubtedly, the group will welcome a renewed energy as they step away from the practice space and studio by playing live at Stonefly this Friday, bringing their keen sense of improv to the stage. Brass, bongos and bass all make De La Buena impossible not to want to shake it; might as well — everyone else will be. With Texas’ Snarky Puppy.


image courtesy of MySpace

image courtesy of MySpace

 Saturday, April 25th

Wizard of Cause + Fres Thao, Sunshine Harrison @ Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10 p.m.

Cactus is throwing a chilled out, mixed up party this Saturday, fun in its spontaneous set-up. Regarding the catchy glam-pop grooves of JTodd’s new musical sorcery, Wizard of Cause will be effortlessly working their magic over the crowd with their amped instruments. Intelligent hip hop-er Fres Thao will be laying lyrical fluidity like nobody’s business along with producer Bernwood. Throw in the folk-pop of Sunshine Harrison, and show-goers will get more variety in less than four hours than most would see/hear in a week.


image courtesy of Dusty Medical Records

Sunday, April 26th

The Night Marchers + Call Me Lightning, Birthday Suits, the Dynamiters, Get Drunk DJs @ Club Garibaldi (2501 S. Superior), 9 p.m.

John Reis is a busy guy: in between running Swami Records and owning Bar Pink in San Diego, the ex Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Rocket From the Crypt guitar god has found time to start the new project with bassist Tommy Kitsos (CPC Gangbangs), and drummer Jason Kourkounis (Delta 72) that is the Night Marchers. As the front man, Reis rips into lyrics with the same gusto he did in RFTC, while still managing to pummel out his fiery riffs. Also playing: the like-audio-ed Birthday Suits and Dynamiters.

Call Me Lightning: Rumbles of a New Album

March 13, 2009

Photo of Call Me Lightning by Travis Auclair

 Words by Erin Wolf

Call Me Lightning packs ’em in pretty much every single time they play a show in Milwaukee, and as they draw closer and closer to releasing new material (there hasn’t been a new CD since 2007’s Soft Skeletons), the frenetically tuneful trio naturally generates more and more agitated enthusiasm from their audience. Maybe this visible enthusiasm helps to speed up the process through a little adrenaline? If so, the band seems to be headed towards a new release for this Fall. In the meantime, there’s recording to be done and shows to be played: Nathan Lilley, CML’s guitarist/vocalist gives Milwaukee a peek into a loose timeline for the next release of one of Milwaukee’s most stalwart and energetic rock bands as they balance the process of creation with the creating-in-the-moment atmosphere of live shows.

  “Bronze Hell”, Call Me Lightning


Jail: Album Release Show Tonight @ The Y-Not III

February 27, 2009

In honor of their brand new, full-length album There’s No Sky (Oh My My) Jail will be celebrating with a show this Friday at the Y-Not III. The new album is guaranteed to be a hit with current fans and will definitely draw curious first-time listeners in with the band’s undeniable ability to write garage-pop that has style and smarts. 

Although this recent video doesn’t do the band credit with its sound quality, the sound quality of the new album is a shoo-in with its tracks laid down expertly by the band at home and mastered by sound engineering genius Justin Perkins (Smart Studios). 

Jail releases There’s No Sky (Oh My My) at the Y-Not III (1854 E. Kenilworth) Friday, February 27th. Also playing: The Trusty Knife and Call Me Lightning. 10 p.m. 21+