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December 31, 2009


photo of the Get Down from MySpace


Alright. It’s after 3 p.m. on the eve of New Year’s, and either you’ve settled in for a quality evening with the Star Wars trilogy, are preparing party snacks or are sitting on the proverbial fence of where to spend your last moments of 2009 that will be memorable, fun, slightly sane and won’t leave you with an ‘uh-oh’ empty wallet. Here are a few options for the final evening of the year that will offer all these things if you don’t have a house party to call home or a place to crash out and wait until it’s all over; because, after all, it’s just another night like any other, right?



TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

February 5, 2009
Image courtesy of MySpace

Image courtesy of MySpace

Friday, February 6th

DJ Deadbeat + Jake Simon, House of M, Konfadent, Malicious MV’s @ Stonefly (735 E. Center), 10 p.m.

DJ Deadbeat, who has been making the rounds in clubs and more recently as Kid Cut Up’s cohort on Tuesday nights on 91.7 FM, WMSE, will be hitting the turntables with Jake Simon and Milwaukee’s House of M, Konfadent, Malicious and the MV’s as they keep the crowd enlightened with their rhymes.


Image courtesy of MySpace

Image courtesy of MySpace

The Figgs + Beach Patrol, The Nice Outfit @ Linneman’s (1001 E. Locust), 10 p.m.

Making a double-stop (one covert, one co-venue) in Milwaukee before they head off to a five-header in Appleton and Green Bay, New York’s The Figgs have been a favorite for Milwaukee’s pop-rock set even back when they were playing the long-gone Globe East on North Avenue. 

Image courtesy of MySpace

Image courtesy of MySpace

The French Horn Rebellion + DJ Kid Color, Beards of Paradise @ Points East Pub (1501 N. Jackson), 10 p.m.

The French Horn Rebellion are indeed into creating a ruckus with brass (and laptops), as their name implies. Catch them when they play with DJ Kid Color and Beards of Paradise. Catch our story about the razzing rebels *here*. 



Image courtesy of MySpace

Image courtesy of MySpace

Saturday, February 7th

Couch Flambeau + Cheer-Accident @ Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth), 10p.m.

The magic of Milwaukee’s impishly irreverent Couch Flambeau is very sporadic (“we never broke up. whenever we play a show, people think, ‘oh, a reunion’.” vocalist/guitarist Jay Tiller once told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). The irony-pros have their tactics down, keeping diehard fans hungry to hear punk classics like “Steak” and “Pork Wing”, sounding as good as they did back when they played with Big Black.