Historic Jawbox performance preempted by WTMJ 4 to talk about frozen water from the sky

Words by DJ Hostettler

Seriously, WTMJ? Seriously? OK, we get it–you’re a bunch of squares who don’t understand the magnitude of legendary DC post-hardcore indie-rockers Jawbox reuniting after 12 years to perform a one-off reunion on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Fine. But would it have killed you to wait 90 damn seconds until the end of what was a thrilling rendition of “Savory” off the band’s just-reissued and remastered For Your Own Special Sweetheart to butt into the broadcast with a weather update that basically amounted to “yep–still snowing”? Really? God forbid you preempt a commercial instead of, you know, actual programming. Seminal 1990s rock gods be damned–Aunt Portia needs to know if she should bring in the chrysanthemums, and the station gots bills ta’ pay.

Thank Christ the Internet is a thing where video exists, otherwise WTMJ would have their own mini-Heidi incident on their hands (by “mini,” I mean they would be sure to get a solid dozen emails AT LEAST from angry viewers such as myself). In case you missed tonight’s Jawbox reunion, or, ya know, you just missed the last friggin’ minute and a half of it, you can find the on-air performance of “Savory,” as well as web-only jams “68” and “FF=66,” on the Late Night blog. Oh, and if you missed the most recent weather report, look out a friggin’ window.


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3 Responses to “Historic Jawbox performance preempted by WTMJ 4 to talk about frozen water from the sky”

  1. Vince Vitrano Says:

    Man… I love Jawbox. I’ll give the weather dept. hell for this tomorrow morning at work.

  2. Dan Agacki Says:

    They flashed to the newsroom for a second as Fallon was about to come back from commercial. Felt relieved that they didn’t, figured they realized what they were doing. Haha. Not surprised when they interrupted it, but still quite disappointed. All they had to do was wait another minute. Hell, John Malan would be a local hero just for taking away a couple of minutes from Carson Daily.

  3. Chris Van Gompel Says:

    glad I didn’t stay up.

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