Mondo Lucha and The Scarring Party: Together At Last This Friday

Words by Erin Wolf

It’s that time again — time for the masked wrestlers of Milwaukee’s Mondo Lucha to fly through the ring on the floor of the Turner Hall Ballroom while musicians, roller derby skaters, burlesque dancers and other hodge podge entertainers from across the country dazzle the crowd even further. This time, Mondo Lucha gets the total holiday treatment with a visit from Santa and festive dance moves from the gingerbread breakdancers who are set to throw down some spins alongside Kid Millions. To further the dizzyingly adrenalized effects, Milwaukee’s very own creeptastic, doom and gloom musical pros, the Scarring Party, will act as the house band of the evening. An authentic cabaret-esque musical performance will truly be the tinsel on this Mondo Lucha be-decked extravaganza. Fan-belt talks to Scarring Party’s tuba player Isa Carini and multi-percussionist Chris Roberts about their one-time, impending performance alongside masked wrestlers this Friday.

The Scarring Party, “Follow It Down”

Describe your band to someone who might not be familiar.

CR: Upbeat songs about the downfall of Western civilization played on accordion, tuba, banjo and drums.

IC: The music we play has been referred to as “end-timey music”. We play songs about the oncoming apocalypse, zombies, dog boys, and necrophilia — the fun stuff you keep away from the kids. Usually the line-up includes banjo, guitar, accordion, tuba, vibraphone, and a load of random percussion which includes a cast iron bell, tongue drum, and a typewriter. 

Have any of you been to a Mondo Lucha event?

CR: Nope, this our first! We’re all pretty excited about it, seems like it has the potential to be totally crazy and fun.

IC: I don’t think any of us have experienced Mondo Lucha before, but as soon as we were asked to play, we were immediately excited. I mean, who would pass on an opportunity to play at a wrestling match? It’s just too good! I think it’s great that something like this is going on in Milwaukee — it’s a new form of entertainment that allows people to create elaborate storylines and ridiculous characters while dressed in wild costumes. And personally, I feel like you can’t go wrong with the Brewcity Bruisers involved. Any excuse to get people to head out to experience something new seems good for the city. We’re also big fans of Turner Hall (along with the impressive history of the building, they have some of the greatest sound people in Milwaukee), so we’re looking forward to being back.

Has your music ever lead you to perform in odd situations, before? From what I understand, you just took part in an Edward Gorey festival…

CR: Oh yeah. I feel like maybe half our shows are “odd” situations. Ones from recent memory include a Sweet Sixteen party, playing with an old drag queen with a guy wearing a tiger mask playing keyboard in a nice restaurant in downtown Philadelphia, playing a record store in east moline Illinois with noise punk bands was weird but awesome, sharing the stage with an acapella group very odd and some open mic shows we played on tour were very odd! The Edward Gorey thing was a “theme” at the Dances of Vice party we played in Brooklyn for Halloween.  Venue-wise that was a bit odd, too. It was in a mostly industrial part of town in a large warehouse where a dance troupe had a rehearsal space.  They have one once a month and it’s always themed. They just had an Oscar Wilde one and have an undersea one coming up. People really go all out as far as dressing up goes. It’s pretty cool.

Any plans to use special props or costumes?

CR: No more than usual! We lug around a cast iron bell, a typewriter, vibes, tuba, a cello and sometimes two tounge drums. That’s enough ‘props’! As far a costumes go, who knows, maybe I’ll wear a Luchador mask!

IC: Well, we probably won’t be wearing wrestling masks. But it’s possible that in the middle of the set, Chris will knock Dan out with his chair…and a tiny man may exit my tuba. Dressed as a cat. I don’t want to say anything else or the surprises will be ruined. 

If either of you could choose a persona/character to be for Mondo Lucha, who would you be?

CR: Probably like an Ultimate Warrior type character. Cool face paint and a sweet signature move!!

IC: I’d say a character related to Transformers would be ideal — the fact that you aren’t limited to one physical form would be really intimidating to your opponents. And a metal helmet sounds kind of tough. I could have robot hype-men. Plus fans could yell “Optimus!” It seems like a glorious existence to me…

Mondo Lucha takes place on Friday, November 27th at the Turner Hall Ballroom (1032 N. 4th). Doors at 7 p.m. 18+


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