Wanna be in a video? Dance to The New Loud’s “Don’t Dance”

Words by DJ Hostettler

Making music videos seems like self-indulgent wankery to some. On one of his comedy CDs Lewis Black once said “music is like a drug; when you hear it, you have a vision. If you’re watching a music video and that video is exactly the same as your vision, kill yourself.” What Black and other video haters don’t get, though, is that making music videos is fun!

The New Loud are giving all of us a chance to share in that fun by inviting us all to a shoot for their video for the song “Don’t Dance.” According to the event invite on Facebook, the band and their director (one Jack Packard of King’s Horses and FunnyOrDie.com‘s Almost Twins fame) need folks “To dance your ass off as an extra.” Ah, dancing to “Don’t Dance!” God, the kids, they love the irony these days.

The song itself, which you can listen to on the band’s Facebook page, is textbook New Loud, all groovy new-wave bass and synth lines that give way to noisy electroclash blasts and guitar feedback, only to charge right back into the dance beats. Remember when The Faint didn’t suck? It’s kind of like that.

Head down to the Cactus Club tonight at 8 PM if you want to be a music video star for a night. The band will rip through the song a few times, and treat us to a few other New Loud hits as well. And you will dance and jerk around like an idiot. For art!


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