TGIT: Our Late Night Thursday Weekend Picks

Friday, November 20

Green w/Hollows, The Nice Outfit, The Sugar Stems @ Frank’s Power Plant

The Milwaukee kids these days, they like ‘em the psychedelia. Chicago’s Green have been around releasing records since the 1980s, but they have a sound pulled from the 60s and 70s, out of the poppier moments of Pink Floyd or Big Star. When’s the last time they were in Milwaukee? I have no idea. When will they be back? Who knows. Get clued in to Green Friday night at Frank’s Power Plant, along with fellow Chi-townies The Hollows and Milwaukee power-poppers The Nice Outfit and Sugar Stems.

Saturday, November 21st

The Heiz w/Plexi-3, Mickey, Sleazybeats @ Linneman’s

Speaking of rare out-of-town appearances, how more rare can you get than a band from Japan? The Heiz are advertised as “Beat-punks” on the flyer for Saturday’s show at Linneman’s. They’re sharing the stage with power-pop faves The Plexi-3, who are apparently filming a live music video at this show! Hey, who wouldn’t want to immortalize themselves in a video document of one of the city’s premiere new wavers? Hope they send us a copy of the video when it’s done.


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