Review: King’s Horses s/t EP

Photo of King's Horses via MySpace

Words by Abbie Amadio

King’s Horses do well in filtering raucous abrasion through glittery guitars and driving, memorable rhythms. In the spaces where noisy rock bands can begin to sound claustrophobic and sucked into their own overdone feedback, King’s Horses break it up. It’s more than welcome for those who like their noise mixed in with some melody and for those who tire of endless shifts in tempo and growling bravado.

Not to say the latter baby got thrown out with the bathwater. Singer/guitarist Matt Slater growls through four of the six tracks on the EP, but holds back the guttural delivery on the first track “Conductor And The Colonies” as well as “Bicycle Built For Two.” In a half-sung, half-spoken style, the vocals on these two tracks are a nice contrast to the outbursts that follow and precede. And the outbursts are good too.

“Dead, Wrapped In Plastic,” “Confirm Your Alibi,” and “Hello Operator (Please Give Me #9)” are the meat of the EP and are placed appropriately smack in the middle of the record. Slater’s fuzzy, hooky guitar and drummer Kyle Martin’s minimal, driving rhythms come together with the steadiness of the restrained/coarse vocals to create a melodic chaos that isn’t overdone and, instead, comfortably bursts. The songs are well-balanced and build and fall in the right places. The last song on the EP, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” is the hit, mixing the clamor of the rowdier tracks with the overall driving melodies common throughout the EP. It’s catchy and a good closer.

A solid release, King’s Horses does well at bridging the gap between noisy post-punk and more pop-friendly indie rock. The band creates a fun tension in their songs—one that can be head-bobbed to as well as induce an adrenaline-fueled earache.



2 Responses to “Review: King’s Horses s/t EP”

  1. Yale Says:

    Good to see you guys getting some credit.

  2. brian Says:

    you guys slayed at the borg ward show last week. nice work.

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