The Department of Homeland Security = No Fun


Words by DJ Hostettler

So, full disclosure: I’m running two shows at the Borg Ward this weekend; two shows that we’re previewing here on the bloggywog. Conflict of interest? Eh, maybe, but let’s face it–Milwaukee is a small music town. There’s a 95% chance that anyone in this town who writes about local music is involved in it in some other capacity–in a band, a promoter, what have you. So let’s just make like Mad Max and get Beyond Nepotism, ok? As long as people are Fair and Balanced unlike Fox News, we’re good to go.

So as I prepared to sit down in front of my computer tonight to write a preview for tomorrow’s Fun/King’s Horses/White Problems/97-Shiki/Slob Donovan show, I noticed I had a voice mail from Douglas, 97-Shiki’s bass player. I listen to it and get the worst news.

“Hey DJ, this is Douglas from 97-Shiki. I’ve got two of the guys from Fun here with me. The third got detained by Customs, and they actually ended up not letting him into the country. He got sent back to Finland. So, they’re kinda screwed for the show tomorrow.”


Apparently Customs somehow intimidated the dude into saying that he was arrested once for something completely menial in Finland, and it was enough to deny him entry. The Fun guys (god, that’s an awful pun, but I’ma use it) had recording time at Electrical Audio booked along with a nice little Midwest/East Coast tour–all gone. What a drag. Thanks, Dept. of Homeland Security!

So, there is my preview for Friday night’s Borg Ward show. 97-Shiki is still making it up, and bringing the remaining two dudes from Fun in tow. My suggestion was to let them work out their aggression with a two-piece improv noise set; Douglas was unsure if they’d be up to it, but said he’d run it past them. So hey–the show’s still on. Killer noisy local bands, killer noisy Chicago band, and some Finnish dudes who are gonna be in need of a good time. Come on out. 7 PM, 6 bucks.

Or hey, go to Stumblurfest!  The Gut Reactions are playing! It’ll be a rad time too! (See? Fair and balanced!)


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One Response to “The Department of Homeland Security = No Fun”

  1. Chris Van Gompel Says:

    wow, that SUCKS.

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