Stumblurfest 2


photo of Hex Dispensers by Canderson

Words by Erin Wolf

Musical mayhem is one part waiting for the show to happen, two parts being in the moment. This weekend, the excitement generated around Stumblurfest 2 (this Friday at Frank’s Power Plant and Saturday at Club Garibaldi’s) is apparent amongst the Milwaukee sector who like their music loud, danceable and a bit scuzzed up. With the prospect of seeing two days straight of local favorites (both new and old) along with a bunch of nationals, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Sunday morning could tough to swing for Stumblurfest attendees. Fan-belt asked Kevin Meyer of Mistreaters/Get Drunk DJs for some of the highlights and we invite you to check into some audio visuals to prepare for the mayhem ahead.

Stumblurfest 2 Highlights…

-it’s the first Mistreaters club show since June of 2008
-one of only two Midwest dates for Hex Dispensers (they are flying in for Saturday’s show and one in Chicago on Friday)
Hex Dispensers are supporting their latest full length on Douchemaster
CoCoComa are supporting their second LP on GONER Records
The People’s Temple are fucking nuts
Digital Leather are supporting their latest LP, and first on Fat Possum Records
-the fest is the first Milwaukee show for over half of the out of town bands
-drinking is totally cool
-people are coming from out of town for this

…that’s good enough for us! Check out the videos below if you’re on the fence whether to catch Stumblur one night or both. Complete details on show lineup, venue and date can be found in our TGIT calendar for this weekend…

Gut Reactions

The People’s Temple

Sang de Loups


Hex Dispensers


Digital Leather


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  1. puke shitsmell Says:

    you forgot that drinking is totally cool. dumbass.

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