Preview: The Conformists and (((Microwaves))) at the Borg Ward Saturday

The Conformists at Union Rock Yards in Chicago last June

Words by Brian Whitney

Previously on this site, I reviewed a Freight/Possible
Fathers/Conformists show
at Cactus Club, wherein I confessed to not
having watched The Conformists after being blown away by Freight and
P-Fath. The result was pretty much everyone in attendance calmly, but
firmly letting me know that I was a complete idiot for not watching
them. This Saturday provides me with an opportunity to stop eating
shit, as the St. Louis-based Conformists once again ride into town.
Their sound has been described, in so many words, as a mid-90’s Touch
and Go-styled mix of heavy atmospherics and black comedy. Admittedly,
it sounds like something I’d probably be into, and everyone who called
me a fool last year was at least 65% correct.

Also coming from afar are Pittsburgh’s (((Microwaves))), a band described as
no wave/noise rock that will “peel your goddamn face off.” Normally I
don’t fall for that kind of hyperbole, nor am I usually an advocate of
formless noise, but I’ll make sure I watch them just in case (this is
rapidly becoming less a show preview and more an indictment of my
skills as a reviewer.) Rounding out the bill are locals Ifihadahifi
and Dear Astronaut, two bands you’ve probably know pretty well by this
point. The last time I saw Dear Astronaut, they had added a second
guitarist (Nathan Riddle, also of Busybodies) that really fleshed out
their sound. I’m under the impression that they have a new drummer,
yet I have no idea whether that similarly improves upon their sound.

All will be revealed this Saturday at the Borg Ward, 9th and National.
The show starts at 7 and is only 6 bucks.


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2 Responses to “Preview: The Conformists and (((Microwaves))) at the Borg Ward Saturday”

  1. Jeb Ebben Says:

    Amusingly enough, we’ll be performing this set with our original line-up, as a three-piece. Enjoy the sound minus improvements, Borg Weird!

  2. Chris Van Gompel Says:

    this was a great show.

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