King’s Horses lead a Noisy Saturday Night at Y-Not III


Moody photo of King's Horses via MySpace

Man, lemme tellya, I can’t imagine that many people are happier than I am about Milwaukee’s burgeoning noise-rock scene. In a city a little too in love with the current wave of NPR-approved kitchen sink chamber-music bands who are, I dunno, trying to capture Neutral Milk Hotel’s lightning in a new bottle, it’s refreshing to know that people are starting to remember that driving percussion, jagged guitars, and feedback, feedback, feedback are kinda frickin’ awesome. And if you’re one of those types, you’re gonna wanna hit the Y-Not III on Saturday, because some serious three-piece abrasion is on tap.

Let’s start with Cincinnati’s Ampline, a trio of Southern badasses pumping out driving 90s-style indie rock in the vein of Jawbox or Kansas City bands Boy’s Life and Giants Chair, with a little Drive Like Jehu thrown in for good measure. Follow that up with the United Sons of Toil, a Madison threesome bred from a strong pedigree of noisy 90s Madison combos like Pound, WI and P’elvis. Would that Amphetamine Reptile were still churning out records on a regular basis—USoT’s belligerent thwomp would have a comfy home amongst the serrated riffs that label served up on a consistent basis back in the day (90s, back in the day…I sense a theme).

But while the out of towners will be bringing some serious volume, the locals will be more than able to keep up. The guys from Perry will throw down some Champaign-style Poster Children/Hum-inspired thunder, while headliners King’s Horses bring it with more of a North Carolinian, Archers of Loaf/Polvo edge. And to top it all off, King’s Horses are giving away their new EP at this show with the cost of admission, because who the heck buys music on its own nowadays? Exactly.

Man…that’s a lot of geography and a lot of name-checking. But that’s what happens when you write a show preview on two beers and little sleep. Rest up and spend a late night at Y-Not III on Saturday and pick yourself up a free local release while drinking beer from very large mugs. Good idea? Best idea.


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