Recap: Devo/Replacements/Green Day/LSOK Cover Show @ Club G, 10.30.09


Words by Anthony Schwader

Definition of aggravation: My alarm goes off and I oversleep, waking at 9:07. I can’t get beer AND I’ve only got 53 minutes to get into Club Garibaldi knowing I have other tasks. Both fuck and shit. I clothe and whirlwind around town in a timed huff and puff. (Nearly blew my house down.)

I walk into the joint and hear Last Sons of Krypton already playing. Turns out I only missed 3 songs. Audience member Ryan Poortenga, dressed up as some sort of prehistoric maid of honor with tattoos, was already in full effect screaming at a timid Brett Allen (playing the part of singer RJ). Allen rebutted with “aren’t you out past your bedtime?” and a couple of screams later, the band blasted into another Ripoffs-esque blunt force punk shellacking. Young Jake (Playing the part of BradX) was the obvious pillar of strength in the foursome, the songs coursing through him as he hopped around and yelped backups stronger than Allen’s. Allen looked bored as he stood in one place rocking his right leg incessantly and it took a slam from Young Jake to finally bring him to life for a minute, sending him into the crowd for more delivery. The very real (and very critical) BradX would remind him of this and other facts the next day on the Terminal Boredom message board. He was there videotaping the event. They cranked out a few more and before I knew it, they were walking off the stage.

I needed alcohol. I was one of the few out of costume and I was feeling anxiety ridden from too much sleep. I sat at the back of the hall and managed to run into a beer just in time for the Jetty Boys playing Green Day. Guitarist/vocalist Drew Fredrichsen was playing Billie Joe from 1990, complete with a dreadlock wig and playing songs primarily from 39/smooth and some early singles. They went right into the precision that the Jetty Boys are known for. They are pros. Song after song the same perfect sounds flowed out of them, Drew’s voice an amazing mimicry of Billie Joe’s, so good that when I closed my eyes I really did imagine a young Green Day crankin’ it out. No hits here, and no hits were wanted. A mere teaser riff from “When I Come Around” resulted in a couple screams of “NO!” Most of these songs, honestly, were lost on me. I enjoyed it, but I really didn’t get much out of it. I wanted some hits.

After securing a crisp twenty from (Holy Shit! vocalist) Tabman, I started my alcoholic voyage. Two at a time went the Pabst, and to hell with you, anxiety. Tim Schweiger and the Middlemen were covering The Replacements, a band I know almost nothing about. They launched into the set and right away I could just feel how much frontman Schweiger was into these songs, feeling them and letting the meanings pour out of him. Literally rocking back and forth between verses and covered in sweat, he would snap back to the mic to flawlessly deliver more vocals. I really thought this was the performance of the night; Tim and company melted away even my ignorance to the content.

After that set an amazing thing happened. One by one people came up to me with tins of Camel Snus. This could only mean one thing: The Camel guys were here! This turned ridiculous as one after another came by and dropped off those tins. Total? 34.

The Silent Drape Runners, dressed as Devo, stepped up to the plate. I was not comforted to see three guitars, a bass and a drummer to start. Where was the keyboard? They matched in all black with shorts and wraparound black glasses, which guitarist/vocalist and apparent leader Mike Zink finally shook during the third song. Speaking of songs, they were catering to the true Devo nerd by covering all the underground esoteric songs with me only recognizing “Mongoloid.” From what I could tell they did a great job, but left my mouth with a bitter taste. As they played the b-sides and overlooked gems, I looked around at the interested but disappointed crowd, which seemed to be thinking what I was thinking: play something I know! It turns out I was wrong about the keyboard as it came out for a song near the end, but this just ended up in disappointment for me. It was good, but not what I wanted.


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3 Responses to “Recap: Devo/Replacements/Green Day/LSOK Cover Show @ Club G, 10.30.09”

  1. Eric Apnea Says:

    I think you should have tagged “Tabman”… you know, just because. –eric

  2. jamie schmid Says:


    he is officially fired from this e-magazine.

  3. Yale Says:

    another great write up tony.

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