TGIT: All-Halloween Weekend Picks Edition

It’s that time of year, where everyone dresses up and pretends to be something they’re not (be it undead, famous or “sexy”), so if you’re gonna catch some live music this weekend, why bother with bands that aren’t doing the same? This is the one weekend where you won’t be shunned and shamed for going to see a band playing covers, so do it up right with these shows:


Friday, Oct. 30

Halloween Spoof Night Part 1 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: DEVO, Replacements, Green Day, & Last Sons of Krypton

Chances that the Green Day cover set will contain material from their most recent 21st Century Breakdown album? Probably close to 0, although that would be a weird sort of genius move, doing nothing but recent Green Day covers and foregoing their Kerplunk! and Dookie classics. Expect to be confounded by the Last Sons of Krypton set, unless you grew up in the Green Bay and Manitowoc areas in the mid-1990s. Then again, if this version can anger the crowd as much as the originals did back in the day, that could be worth the price of admission alone.


Saturday, Oct. 31

Halloween Spoof Night Part 2 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: Alice Cooper, Dictators, Weezer & Link Wray

The Dictators will apparently be represented on stage by Texas retro-punks Bad Sports, and according to their MySpace, it looks like they’re making a trip up to Milwaukee just to play this show, which is pretty crazy. Show up since they apparently are gonna need the gas money. They’ll be joined by Link Wray (awesome) and the Alice Cooper Band, who will hopefully storm the stage during the Weezer cover set and stage some sort of theatrical guillotining of Rivers Cuomo, which would make my Halloween truly complete and would even prompt me to leave my Halloween party on the East Side to see that fantasy of mine acted out live.


Cactus Club, 9 PM: Summertime Dudes w/Father Phoenix (as The Who), E-Coli Cherry and Big Balls (AC/DC Tribute)

Just a shot in the dark, but a band featuring a member of Call Me Lightning covering songs by The Who will probably be pretty damn solid. E-Coli Cherry = The Red Knife Lottery doing whatever the hell they feel like covering, and the Summertime Dudes will likely be doing the same. If you like your cover bands not rooted in one specific oeuvre, these two bands will satisfy that fix and save you a trip out to the Main Stage in Waukesha.


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