Jail’s Month-Long Tour Ends, Short and Sweet

photo of Jail from MySpace

photo of Jail from MySpace

Words by Erin Wolf

Month-long tours are filled with lots of repetition: endless driving, fights about who’s gonna to ride shotgun, deciding which fast food chain is going to be less brutal on that particular day, unloading gear, playing to a bunch of unpredictable strangers, loading gear and finding somewhere to crash out for…Just. Five. Minutes.

Jail has been doing the repetition via California, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska and almost everywhere else on the way. Saturday,  their month-long tour of the States comes to a finale at Milwaukee’s Bay View Brew Haus. Austin Dutmer of Jail checked in with Fan-belt a couple times along the way and shared these random musings on their current tour:

Jail, “No Mindless Love”

You’re on a pretty big tour with the Mojomatics. How’d you meet up with them?

Sex chat.

Why not tour Europe instead?

Good question. Might’ve been cheaper than touring the West coast.

What’s been your favorite show of the tour so far?

Not Memphis.

Any bands that you’ve played with blown your mind?

Neighbors, from San Francisco. It blew our minds that they were so terrible, and even more that they asked to get on the bill, then left early, taking with them a quarter of our door.

What’s on your merch table most nights?

Other people’s beers. Girls.

What’s the response on your recently-release (last Spring) LP, There’s No Sky (Oh My My)? Seems like you took extra special care in the making of it…

HUGE! And yes, we did. Extra, extreme care!

Who does most of the driving?

Not Andy.

Your last stop is in Milwaukee at Bay View Brew Haus after playing a show in Omaha — that’s a long haul. Think you’ll be up to the challenge?

Let’s hope!! We’re tired…sleeeeeep-time…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jail plays with the Mojomatics, France Has the Bomb and Death Dream at the Bay View Brew Haus (2535 S. Kinnickinnic). 10 p.m. 21+


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