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Green Day, According to The Jetty Boys

October 30, 2009




photo of Green Day from MySpace


 Words by Erin Wolf

“So make the best of this task and don’t ask why / It’s not a question but a lesson learned in time” Green Day told us a decade ago. Milwaukee’s Jetty Boys are taking on their own challenge of covering the California pop-punk band formed over twenty years ago, their ‘task’ to make themselves into a mirror image of the band for Garibaldi’s Halloween Spoof/Covers show tonight (also featuring covers of DEVO and The Replacements). But out of all the bands to cover, why pick Green Day? Jetty Boys front man Drew Fredrichsen explains.


TGIT: All-Halloween Weekend Picks Edition

October 29, 2009

It’s that time of year, where everyone dresses up and pretends to be something they’re not (be it undead, famous or “sexy”), so if you’re gonna catch some live music this weekend, why bother with bands that aren’t doing the same? This is the one weekend where you won’t be shunned and shamed for going to see a band playing covers, so do it up right with these shows:


Friday, Oct. 30

Halloween Spoof Night Part 1 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: DEVO, Replacements, Green Day, & Last Sons of Krypton

Chances that the Green Day cover set will contain material from their most recent 21st Century Breakdown album? Probably close to 0, although that would be a weird sort of genius move, doing nothing but recent Green Day covers and foregoing their Kerplunk! and Dookie classics. Expect to be confounded by the Last Sons of Krypton set, unless you grew up in the Green Bay and Manitowoc areas in the mid-1990s. Then again, if this version can anger the crowd as much as the originals did back in the day, that could be worth the price of admission alone.


Saturday, Oct. 31

Halloween Spoof Night Part 2 @ Club Garibaldi, 8 PM: Alice Cooper, Dictators, Weezer & Link Wray

The Dictators will apparently be represented on stage by Texas retro-punks Bad Sports, and according to their MySpace, it looks like they’re making a trip up to Milwaukee just to play this show, which is pretty crazy. Show up since they apparently are gonna need the gas money. They’ll be joined by Link Wray (awesome) and the Alice Cooper Band, who will hopefully storm the stage during the Weezer cover set and stage some sort of theatrical guillotining of Rivers Cuomo, which would make my Halloween truly complete and would even prompt me to leave my Halloween party on the East Side to see that fantasy of mine acted out live.


Cactus Club, 9 PM: Summertime Dudes w/Father Phoenix (as The Who), E-Coli Cherry and Big Balls (AC/DC Tribute)

Just a shot in the dark, but a band featuring a member of Call Me Lightning covering songs by The Who will probably be pretty damn solid. E-Coli Cherry = The Red Knife Lottery doing whatever the hell they feel like covering, and the Summertime Dudes will likely be doing the same. If you like your cover bands not rooted in one specific oeuvre, these two bands will satisfy that fix and save you a trip out to the Main Stage in Waukesha.

Recap: The Points, Gut Reactions & More at The Vault, 10.18.09

October 29, 2009


[ED. NOTE: Yes, we realize this show happened over a week ago. The Fan-Belt editorial staff regrettably received the article a bit late and then went out of town all weekend. Procrastination is like a snowball down a hill in a Looney Tune, man. What can we say? We blew it. That being said, welcome Anthony Schwader to the F-B writing staff.]

Words by Anthony Schwader (didn’t we say that already?)

It’s finally fall, my favorite season. Although this summer wasn’t brutal by any measure, I still welcome the falling leaves, night fog, and what I like to call “hoodie weather”. Fall temperatures also make working up a sweat enjoyable because cooling down is as simple as stepping outside. So the Vault in the fall is where it’s at because I’ve been known to sweat all over the place from either seeing or playing great shows there. I entered the basement and after munching some pigs in a blanket, I cracked open a Milwaukee’s Best Ice and waited for my night to start. (more…)

Jail’s Month-Long Tour Ends, Short and Sweet

October 23, 2009
photo of Jail from MySpace

photo of Jail from MySpace

Words by Erin Wolf

Month-long tours are filled with lots of repetition: endless driving, fights about who’s gonna to ride shotgun, deciding which fast food chain is going to be less brutal on that particular day, unloading gear, playing to a bunch of unpredictable strangers, loading gear and finding somewhere to crash out for…Just. Five. Minutes.

Jail has been doing the repetition via California, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska and almost everywhere else on the way. Saturday,  their month-long tour of the States comes to a finale at Milwaukee’s Bay View Brew Haus. Austin Dutmer of Jail checked in with Fan-belt a couple times along the way and shared these random musings on their current tour:

Jail, “No Mindless Love”

Reviewed: Mastodon, Converge, Dethklok & High On Fire @ The Rave/Eagle’s Ballroom, 10/18/09

October 23, 2009
photo from MySpace
photo from MySpace

Words by Amelinda Burich

This past Sunday, the Eagle’s Ballroom hosted a packed house of metal fans in support of dual headliners Dethklok and Mastodon.  The sizeable crowd was not surprising considering the increasing amount of metal-edged programming proffered by basic cable: a weekend of VH1 Classic airing metal-based documentaries, and animated band Dethklok’s residency on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network’s genre-satirizing program, Metalocalypse. The fans, while off the couch only to view a giant LED screen, seemed to take the music quite seriously.

I unfortunately missed the first act of the night, High on Fire, who went on around 6:30 p.m. with their sludgy but driving rock bringing diversity to the bill, along with mathcore veteran, Converge.  The fans were unappreciative of the delineation of genre, heckling Converge, who played a high energy set with Jacob Bannon’s epileptic delivery of a smattering of their oeuvre from albums “Jane Doe,” “You Fail Me” and upcoming “Axe to Fall” (the rest were forgettable). 

Mastodon brought their crushing but melodic brand of metal in front of the LED of digital psychedelic graphics and album cover montages. The venue’s poor acoustics reverberated and muffled the usually driving beats played by drummer Brann Dailor, but the band performed a tight set. The quartet presented their newest offering, Crack the Skye, in its entirety as a score to the imagery behind them, both conceptual works based on astral projection, wormholes and awe of the universe.  The concept and banter-free performance seem an effort to push against the age of the “single,” perhaps harking to their influences.  A few favorites from their catalog were included in the set with pleasing waltz tempo rhythms.

Lest fans forget that this was a Turner/Time Warner/EA Games-sponsored tour, between sets, a commercial for Jack Black’s upcoming video game “Brütal Legend” played as a mini-episode of Metalocalyspe.  Mastodon are no strangers to caricature, appearing in “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters” as ironically brutal movie theater snacks [see video, below].

Dethklok, however truly are a cartoon band, conceived and performed by Brendon Small, incarnated alongside heavy-hitting legends Gene Hoglan, Bryan Beller and Mike Keneally. Some original animated material was presented on screen as a sort of backstage episode of the show incorporating music video and was complete with uncensored disclaimers from the floating skull “Facebones.”  Their explosive energy managed to cut through the muddy acoustics (or maybe the sound engineer just had them up louder); the light show and driving sound were met with a responsive, satisfied crowd of head-bobbing, devil horns and cheers.  I was especially grateful for the impactful renditions of minute-long “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle” and sing-a-long favorite, “Murmaider.”