At Latl Regroups


image courtesy of the band

image courtesy of the band

 Words by Erin Wolf

Atlatl/At Latl, where’ve you been? The band that was all over Milwaukee’s 2008 music scene, its five members packing their heated Modest Mouse-ish, carnivalesque pop over the radio airwaves, at venues such as Stonefly, Mad Planet and Cactus and on location stints at Summerfest and Record Store Day, were MIA for quite some time recently. Most bands have ripples and reconfigurations of some sort if they’re in a long-term musical relationship, and At Latl, although going through two major changes, are bucking the reconfigurations by hitting up Mad Planet on Thursday for a show that leaves them not even skipping a beat, even after skipping out.

Are you officially ‘At Latl’ now, and not ‘Atlatl’?

Yes, There was some guy who lived in California I think who contacted us and told us to change the name. He threatened to sue us and after we talked to some lawyers we found out that because he has sold CDs outside his state residency that he could very well sue us. So adding a space is sufficient, I guess. The name saga has been pretty funny to us. None of us really liked the name in the first place and the idea to have to legally change the name seemed pretty funny to the band.

Besides the name, you had a lineup change: now you’re a three-piece. How’s that?

Jeremy left the band in the summer. It wasn’t anything messy. He joined AmeriCorp and went off to Texas. Although we miss him it did seem like in recent months he wasn’t as connected to the band as maybe he once was. He wasn’t coming to practice as often due to other obligations, and he eventually told us what was going on. We were already used to playing as a three-piece when he told us, so it wasn’t a huge transition. I feel like the three of us have gotten to a great place as a band and I’m really excited to see what we do this year. I do miss JR though — he added a lot. 

You recorded earlier in the year — are any of those recordings out and available?

We have those recordings and they are done. They sound great. We are holding on to them until we have enough money to go back in the studio. I think we have a really good album — it’s just recording the rest of the songs that is the task at hand. Although when we play shows now we have tracks for available that include radio performances, live performances, studio and some home recordings. On the 17th show we will have a compilation disc of all three bands performing that will be sold with the posters from the show — the posters are beautiful screen prints done by Josh Rickun.

What are the details on your show for Thursday?

Show details: we are playing with the Fatty Acids and Fight Suit. 9:00 p.m. Mad Planet. [Thursday] September 17th. Posters and CDs available.


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