White Problems: A Tour Diary, Part III


Words by Brian Whitney

White Problems 4: Problems on Patrol 

Times are good, morale is high. Today the Probs took a short diversion to see Niagara Falls. It’s a good place to spend about a half an hour (and ten bones on parking) as well as a great place to find deals on many varieties of the ubiquitous “I Heart NY” shirt that definitely in no way makes you look like a tourist. Last night we played a house show in Rochester, NY, in a small basement with a low ceiling. The lack of oxygen merged with the low ceilings almost proved disastrous for my noggin, but we slugged it out and it was all gravy.

 We’re probably about a half hour from going on at our show in Cleveland, in which we are the first of four touring bands (the only locals canceled.) There’s little reason to be optimistic, but at least everyone who works here is extremely friendly. We just might make it through this thing alive. After every show we play, it’s inevitable that someone (usually from one of the other bands) asks me about my setup and how I make my bass sound like a guitar. I’m considering lying from here on out. Anyone who can think of funny fictional effect pedal names, please post them in the comments and I’ll work them into my banter.


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