Milwaukee, We Are Your Father


photo courtesy of We Are Your Father

Words by Erin Wolf

Maybe they really aren’t your father, but the three members of Milwaukee’s blues-rock trio We Are Your Father would like to adopt you for the weekend as they get ready to play the Cactus Club this Saturday. Fan-belt talks to bassist Ryan Alby before we sign the official papers.

We Are Your Father, “Sarge” 

We Are Your Father has been together for about a year, right?

Yes, roughly nine months ago we conceived the idea of being your father.  Since then we have tried to lead by example, treating our listeners as our own children.  We’ve adopted close to one hundred kids on Facebook, so we are very busy feeding these youngins with a healthy dose of rock.  Sorry, we can’t stop making Dad jokes.

Are you getting sick of the Darth Vader jokes, yet?

Hell no! We love it when people goon out on Lucas!  Star Wars dorks are awesome.  We are, however, getting sick of people comparing our sound as “Tennessee Ernie Ford meets At the Drive In“…actually, that comparison tickles us pink.

You just finished recording last spring — are you already working on another project?

Yes, we just recorded another session at Howl Street with Shane Hochstetler from Call Me Lightning.  It’s the coolest ever, we feel like true monsters of rock, unless of course that is already trademarked.  Maybe we are more like the groovy stallions of rock.  That sounds ‘edgy’, right?!  Either way, it’s free:

Which bands have you been hanging out with most lately? I’ve seen your name paired with No Sleep for the Bear and Invade Rome often — what’s the connection?

Like most of us Milwaukee bands, we like to hang out with the cool, amazing, sweet, funny, righteous, and respectable souls out there.  It’s weird, but a lot of us are friends by nature and musicians second.  We like to drink together too, which helps.  We enjoy many of our friends’ music while drinking tasty beverages.  Try listening to Atlatl under the influence of UV vodka! Holy Cow, did you ever drink Old Crow with Juniper Tar?  Highly recommended.  Invade Rome will blow you away if you’ve consumed even three Riverwest Stein pints.

Details on your show this weekend?

This Saturday, Cactus Club (2496 S Wentworth Ave), 10pm, $6, playing with Taqaddum and No Sleep for the Bear, be there (be there). 21+


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