White Problems: A Tour Diary, Part II


photo courtesy of White Problems

photo courtesy of White Problems

Words by Brian Whitney

White Problems 3: The Voyage Home

Ah, coming home. While my mother’s house has provided some much-needed comforts to the touring party, it’s still bittersweet to be here. These back-to-back shows in New Brunswick, NJ and Brooklyn are the first that I’ve played in my former stomping grounds in about two and a half years, but very little appears to have changed.

The New Brunswick show was an unadulterated blast, especially getting to play with old friends in the bands A Fucking Elephant and Risk Relay. Seeing old friends is nice, but certain realities remain, especially in NYC, an island of six million people that are silently (or not so silently) wishing you didn’t exist. Our Brooklyn show was at a bar called The Charleston that served free pizza (!) and attracted a decent audience.

What I didn’t realize is that The Charleston was about four blocks away from another bar called Galapagos. I played the last show of my East Coast music ‘career’ there, and decided to summarize what the experience had been like for me by mooning the audience during my band’s last song. The idea backfired (obviously), as the venue had a picture of my ass on their website for over a year. Thanks, New York, for reminding me why I left. One day of the city was all I could take without longing for some Midwestern courtesy.

Tonight our return begins with a show in Rochester, NY. We have four remaining shows and I’m really having a lot of fun out here. Everyone is getting along pretty well and our minor missteps haven’t caused too much dissent within the ranks. Hopefully these last few shows are pleasant enough experiences and we can all maintain our respective sanities and come home in one piece.

Until then, dear readers.


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