White Problems: A Tour Diary, Part I


photo courtesy of White Problems

photo courtesy of White Problems



BRIAN WHITNEY:  26, bass guitar and your narrator. Has a tendency to get rather salty. Probably has the worst diet of anyone in the group.

BRIAN ROGERS:  26, vocals. Is learning to cope with a recent dramatic haircut. Shouldn’t be allowed to eat in the car.

CHUCK ENGEL:  29, drums. Most likely to repeat a joke until no longer funny. Is usually wondering what the Brewers are up to.

NATE GREENE,: 28, roadie extraordinaire. By all accounts a stand up gent. Drives, lifts, and sells without complaint. 

photo courtesy of White Problems

photo courtesy of White Problems

We are currently in Altoona, PA, a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere. The first few shows of our tour have been with the band Hawks from Atlanta, who are both great guys and a great band (a rare GGGB, although to be fair anyone who knows me knows why I would be partial to a band from Atlanta called Hawks.)

Last night we played in Johnstown, PA, a town famous for being eradicated in a flood about 130 years ago. The show was at an art gallery/warehouse space that mainly catered to the high school set. The White Probs/Hawks members were easily eight or nine years older than anyone in attendance, and I spent about 80 percent of our set thinking about what the kids thought of us as human beings. I accomplished my goal of selling a t-shirt in small town America that boldly declared “I’ve Got White Problems”. I hope nothing bad happens to that kid. 

TOUR DIARY 2 (7/9/09)

Last night we played in Philadelphia, and I got to see some old East Coast friends and play in America’s hottest warehouse (temperature-wise, not in terms of profile.) Someone had a large plastic bottle of whiskey;  a cursory review of my phone activity this morning revealed the damage done. It was also our last show with Hawks, who are headed back to the ATL. They will be missed.

We are currently in my hometown of East Brunswick, NJ, at my mother’s house. Worlds are colliding. Tonight’s show in New Brunswick will be the first one I’ve played in my home state since I moved to Milwaukee. It’ll be like my high school reunion, except that I also have to perform in it.

Update on the group: Chuck has taken to wearing a bandanna underneath a flat brimmed baseball cap and sweatbands, which leaves him looking somewhere between a Latino gangster and a member of Cypress Hill. Brian Rogers is losing his voice. A Wal-Mart honey bear is the only solution we have come up with so far. Nate continues to prove his worth at crucial times, namely when I am too hot/incoherent to figure out how to unplug equipment/sell shirts/etc. I really regret not brining a pillow/blanket on this trip. More to follow soon.


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