Dance-offs and Dislocation

This past Friday night saw the crowd of squirrely youngsters and oldsters alike pumped as the Deerhunter/No Age/ Dan Deacon ‘Round Robin’ show came to a squalor-ed close with No Age pummeling its way into Dan Deacon’s last song. No Age guitarist Randy Randall jumped from the stage to the dance floor to participate in a dance-off, lead by Deacon, and judged by Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and himself. 

Just as things were beginning to reach a state of adrenal delirium, Randall dropped like a fly to the floor. The crowd at first leaned in, then backed away, slowly realizing that Randall had dislocated his shoulder. The pumped up atmosphere readily switched into sympathy mode and slowly and hesitatingly, the onlooking crowd wandered out of the Turner Hall Ballroom, after being instructed to give Randall space. 

The above YouTube video catches the incident as it happened — Randall slipped and went down pretty hard, but is said to be fine. No Age mentioned in their MySpace blog that they’d still be making an attempt at playing a scheduled date at this past weekend’s Lollapalooza. Kudos to them if they did.


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One Response to “Dance-offs and Dislocation”

  1. Uncle meat Says:

    Dear Dan Deacon,
    You are NOT Don Cornelius, this is NOT Soul Train.


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