Review: “Lonesome Heroes,” J. Flash

Lonesome Heroes
Review by Adam Lovinus

This 68-minute, 16-track post-rock opus by J. Flash makes a strong appeal towards my top ten of 2009 list. It’s only August, but I know a top-ten record when I hear one. It’s easy to draw comparisions with Animal Collective and Radiohead, but J. Flash injects enough originality into the music to transcend his influences. The opener “I See It In You” mashes up mathy synth-strings texturing with a driving four-on-the-floor on the kick, and could pass for a hidden track on Merriweather Post Pavilion record if not for the visceral Cobain-like chorus. J. Flash has Thom York moments in the middle of the record with the couplet “Don’t Know”/”But I Know”, but my favorite tracks on the record – being the prog geek that I am – are bizarre, gazer-y songs like “Piano Instrumental No. 2,” which features a trippy, fuzzed-out vinyl loop tucked under a clean, one-handed piano melody.″
“I See It In You”″
“But I know”
Download entire record


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