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Sneak preview: The Alternate Reality of … House of M

August 27, 2009

The good folks at Uni-Fi Records sent us a sneak leak from the new House of M LP, The Alternate Reality of …. HoM is throwing a CD release party 10 p.m. Saturday at Mad Planet with Fresh Cut Collective and Kid Millions. I heard the full version, and can safely say it’s a definite top-10 contender this year. Hopefully, HoM will make available a couple more tracks for download after the release party. Stay tuned!


The Demix still scares the shit out of me

August 26, 2009

Sonic experimentalist Paul Demix sent us his latest work, “It Begins,” and true to form, it’s as an excursion into the darkest corners of electronic-noir: Grinding distorted ambiance, dissonant and grimy – a touch more minimalistic compared with his previous release Escape from Jones Island. The b/w throwback sci-fi motif of the video adds to the bleak horror that has become his trademark aesthetic.

The Gospel According to Distortion

August 21, 2009

video of Gospel Gossip courtesy of YouTube

Gospel Gossip (MN) will be making yet another appearance in Milwaukee (last winter, they played a roiling set at the Cactus Club and blew the roof off the Borg Ward last summer). The word about this trio has caught on for fans of minimalist set-ups and big sounds. Guitarist/vocalist Sarah Nienaber manages to retain the proper levels of fuzz and feedback and sweetly shrieked vocals, often while rolling about on stage, getting up only to shove the face of her guitar into an amp to get a desired level of distortion.

Bitch Magazine, upon reviewing the band’s first release Sing Into My Mouth, remarked that “It’s fuzzy, pretty, and uber-rhythmic — that mid-tempo, incredibly danceable pop that Fugazi and Nation of Ulysses popularized in Washington D.C. in the early 90s.” The band’s just-released album Dreamland is an even more impressively recorded rendition of the band’s live performance, their single “Nashville” sweeping listeners into an audio land that Echo and the Bunnymen created long ago, with soaring yet stoic bass lines and spaciously ringing guitars. Catch Gospel Gossip tonight at Club Garibaldi as they pair up once again with their Milwaukee shoegazer-y counterparts, Brief Candles. Club Garibaldi is located at 2501 S. Superior in Bay View. 8 p.m. 21+

Radio Summer Camp 411

August 21, 2009
image by Dwellephant

image by Dwellephant

Words by Erin Wolf

So, this ‘Radio Summer Camp‘ business: what’s it all about? Straight-shooter answer? It’s pretty much where 91.7 FM, WMSE throws a huge weekend party with shows throughout various venues that cater to nearly every genre on both a local and national level and also caters to the questions of those baffled by the music industry by offering a symposium (Sunday), where leaders in the industry will offer advice and know-how to attendees looking to brush up on all things band, label, press and booking-related. Fan-belt gets the lowdown from one of the main catalysts behind this weekend, WMSE Promotions Director Ryan Schleicher.


Sometime Sweet Susan: Re-lit Fuse

August 20, 2009


Words by Erin Wolf

Milwaukee has returned to its rock roots more vehemently in the past year with the rejoining of seminal acts such as Die Kreuzen, Boy Dirt Car and Cherry Cake: 90s rockers Sometime Sweet Susan are also joining the ranks of bands Milwaukee’s old-schoolers have been longing to see live, once again, and making it happen. Compound Red’s recent reunion show at Todd Wehr (2006) was a good reminder that the Milwaukee rock scene from the 90s definitely has not been forgotten, and is perhaps being resuscitated under the pure vitality of today’s scene, where current punkers and rockers, alike, are throwing their  energies into putting together stellar shows on both the weekends and ‘sleepier’ weekdays. Fan-belt talks to James Warchol, front man of Sometime Sweet Susan, to get his thoughts on ‘then’ versus ‘now’ before the band makes an appearance tonight at the Turner Hall Ballroom.

Sometime Sweet Susan, “Blanket Kiss”