Severing Heads With Audio Force


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Milwaukee’s industrial hardcore pros, Decapitado, [Andy Skeels: guitar, Dan Kubinski: bass, vox, Mike Olson: drums] first unleashed their intense sound with 2003’s Blacked. The heaviness of the group’s music fast-endeared them to metal, hardcore and stoner rock fans, alike. Decapitado’s unique and fascinating combination of tuneful guitar fury and rhythmic complexity has sucked  listeners in who love intensity, but are still melody-freaks.

In recent years, Decapitado’s terms of endearment have been fewer and further in between with a two-year break,  but now the band is ready to dish out some 7″s to those in waiting, in anticipation of another official full-length, scheduled for next year. Three EP’s to be precise. The first 7″ EP release is scheduled for tonight.

“Autowriter” B/W “Muzzle” will be released as the first in the series of three as the band plays alongside noise manipulators Boy Dirt Car, Chicago’s Arriver and Madison’s Siv. Catch the show and an EP at the Monkey Bar: 1619 S. 1st Street. 10 p.m. 21+


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One Response to “Severing Heads With Audio Force”

  1. wmseryan Says:

    Decapitado is playing WMSE Radio Summer Camp on 8/22 at Garibaldi with Call Me Lightning & Post Honeymoon

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