Kings Go Forth Sign to Luaka Bop


photo by CJ Foeckler

photo by CJ Foeckler

To the near-500 attendees at Friday’s Kings Go Forth release show at Turner Hall Ballroom, the ticket-check line added another checkpoint: pick up your postcard for the digital download of a track from KGF, because, guess what? The ten-piece just signed to Luaka Bop, a world label famous for music by Os Mutantes, Zap Mama and Cornershop

For those who went and were expecting to scour the merch table for more than just another copy of one of the two 45s the band was offering for sale, you were out of luck. Luaka Bop promises though, via the postcard, that: although “the album is not done yet [and] in the meantime we want to offer you a free download of a Kings Go Forth track. For those of you who register, we will let you know when the album is done and offer it to you at a special price. Please go here: Thank you! Luaka Bop & Kings Go Forth.”

So, those hungry for the main course are just going to have to stave off their hunger with a little soul snack for now. More information on the band’s hitching to Luaka Bop on their web site.


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