Review: The Chain CD release @ Mad Planet (7/23)

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Review by Michael V. Comerford III, Esq.

It’s a warm Thursday night in Milwaukee. On a night where there are several hot spots to see local music, Mad Planet has crowned themselves as “the place to be” with a CD release show for the Chain. Along with Minneapolis’ Brute Heart, an experimental female trio that comprises drum, guitar and violin, the evening is teeming with rhythmic instrumental music that manages to reach the marrow of bones without difficulty or reservations. There are lots of booties shaking, heads bobbing and uncontrollable convulsions succinct with the beat.

After seeing several of the most recent Chain shows, Brute Heart was one of the most fitting openers. One audience member likened them to a mellowed down version of ’70s group Siouxsie & the Banshees. As for the Chain, as per usual, they did not disappoint. For a Thursday night, they had a decent crowd that was more than enthusiastic to hear them live once again. Not to mention that there were $6 CDs available for a band that does not seem to stress self-promotion as one of their priorities.

They started out with some of their shorter tracks that had a strong early American R&B influence which crowded the dance floor quickly. With quick, smooth groves they left the bar empty and kept the floor full of their faithful fans. Eventually they moved towards their more experimental songs that have a scent of 1970’s African funk/jazz/rock fusion. They continued this on until their final song which only left the crowd salivating for more. Lucky for those who needed more they had CDs for sale – allowing for self-medication when needed.

The Chain, not known for having many live gigs in tandem, have successfully built themselves as a band to see. Besides the raw talent and dance inducing music, their savvy sense not to give up too much at once has left their fans in need for more. There are many people in their right mind who do not pass up a chance to see them live. With no shows in the foreseeable future, the rumor of wax being pressed will keep vinyl junkies on guard and ears to the ground for more information.

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    I’m an SFA3 man myself. Is it just me or does that machine eat 3 out of 5 quarters fed to it?

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