Review: “Here is Nowhere,” Tonight, The City Skyline

Here Is Nowhere Album Art LARGE
Review by Adam Lovinus

This the four-song debut EP from Tonight, The City Skyline sobs from the get-go, like if Jimmy Eat World decided to quit a Zoloft prescription and watched that commercial with the abused cats and dogs on continuous repeat — the one with the Natalie Merchant song in it. But hey, everyone goes through sad-sack phases, and this record might help get your cry on. The band is at its best when it shifts from sad to frustrated on “It’s Almost Over,” a double-time ballad that drives n’ pounds despite its end-of-relationship lyrical musings. A dedicated ear can hear some Sunny Day Real Estate with enough concentration. The rest of the album is a down-tempo, piney meditation that has a tough time crawling out from under the covers, from the sad piano waltz of the title track, to the slow-moving, quiet-loud closer “Pent Up, Held Down.” Download the album here.

“It’s Almost Over,” Tonight, The City Skyline

“Pent Up, Held Down,” Tonight, The City Skyline


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3 Responses to “Review: “Here is Nowhere,” Tonight, The City Skyline”

  1. Eric Davis Says:

    These guys are really good. I like this.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Not bad… I like them a lot. Especially “it’s almost over”

  3. Melissa Says:

    truly impressed they will be going places definately a worthwhile buy

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