Getting Geared Up for 24 Hours With Why I Must Be Careful

image from MySpace

image from MySpace

The RW24 is racing towards Milwaukee faster than fast: the annual 24-hour bike race is intended to build up a sense of community in the Riverwest neighborhood, not just for bikers in an urban environment, but all neighbors, business-owners and visitors. Community events such as these are like one, giant block party, and this year, both bikers and spectators will be surrounded by not only whirring gears and zipping tires, but musical cacophony as well.

Two stages, forming two separate block parties will be the main contenders, but also, special noise-jazz guests from Portland, Why I Must Be Careful, will be taking a ‘no-stage’ approach, playing a 24-hour set in congruence with the participating bikers. Heck, they’re even throwing in the race spirit, too, by playing a moveable stage that will be bike-powered. Check them out as they move their operation from station to station at the RW24 this weekend and get a sneak preview as they play a live set on WMSE today at 11 a.m. on Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ and tonight, at the River Horse for an 8 p.m. show.


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