TGIF: Go forth and support

Friday, July 17

Curumin + Fresh Cut Collective @ Stonefly Brewery, 735 E. Center St.

What’s awesome about Stonefly is that they book national bands a few months before they get huge. The Sao Paulo funk outfit Curumin is one of these bands, and I predict Friday’s show will be one people talk about, like, “remember when we saw Curumin play Riverwest in 2009?” Like that Battles show two summers ago, and Antibalas the summer before that. There’s too much undeniable appeal about this group. How can you argue with psychedelic Brazilian funk? So fresh.

Saturday, July 18

Quinn Scharber + The Etiquette dual CD release @ Club Garibaldi, 2501 S. Superior Ave. 9 p.m.


Two Fan-belt faves release CDs on the same night at one of our favorite venues, the chronically underrated Club Garibaldi. Everyone should know about Quinn Scharber as much as we write about him. The Etiquette plays straight-ahead rock with a tinge of ’80s Athens, Georgia, though a bit heavier and more electric than, say, an REM or the Replacements.

Sunday, July 19

Get Rad + Dead Issue + Coke Bust + Sick Fix @ Borg Ward, 825 W. National Ave. 6 p.m.

Sundays are for hardcore. So be sure … to be at Borg Ward … for four wicked hardcore … acts, that’s a fact. (That’s my Marcus Doucette voice.) Two of Milwaukee’s hardest thrash-punk crews Get Rad and Dead Issue are hosting out-of-towners Sick Fix and Coke Bus who are in from Washington, D.C. Anybody who has watched American Hardcore knows they take punk seriously in the nation’s capital. If a few hours of Minor Threat-style thrash turns you on, the Ward is where you wanna be.


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