Review: “Life & Times of Frederick Caesar,” Uncle Larry

Review by Adam Lovinus

Uncle Larry doles out stripped-down ’90s grunge irreverence on their second LP, sounding like a gooey menage-a-trios between Kurt Cobain, Rivers Cuomo and Stephen Malkmus. A self-recorded lesson in attaining the right balance between DIY and studio polish, the record plays loose (sloppy at times) but brutal, the tones and frequencies sparkling throughout. Perhaps the most redeeming asset is guitar/vocalist Billy Judge Baldus’ vintage guitar tone — particularly the dirty tremolo he uses on the title track and “I Will Give You My Heart,” along with the crunchy riffing on “Your Lovely Auto Icon” that cribs Wowee Zowee-era Pavement to great effect. The opening track “Fertilizer” is a pure grunge stomper, and the standout track on the album.

“Fertilizer,” Uncle Larry



3 Responses to “Review: “Life & Times of Frederick Caesar,” Uncle Larry”

  1. Daniel W. Says:

    I mixed this album. I think it turned out pretty damned good. Bill was fun and easy to work with. It was a good project and a good time! Beers were enjoyed by all involved.

  2. Billy Judge Baldus Says:

    This is actually Uncle Larry’s second album. Our first album is called “Battery Acid Style”.

    I also had a good time working on “The Life & Times of Frederick Caesar” with Daniel, he did a great job mixing. And the beer was refreshing!

    One of the goals Garrick, Shane and I, the members of Uncle Larry, had for this album was to capture the live sound and energy that is at one of our shows. We setup all the equipment in the center of a huge room inside of an old valve company, hooked up 14 microphones, and rocked out all together at the same time. At one point we even had a small crowd watching! There were a couple of overdubs, some extra guitars and some percussion sounds added on later.

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