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Severing Heads With Audio Force

July 31, 2009

protoseven photography

Milwaukee’s industrial hardcore pros, Decapitado, [Andy Skeels: guitar, Dan Kubinski: bass, vox, Mike Olson: drums] first unleashed their intense sound with 2003’s Blacked. The heaviness of the group’s music fast-endeared them to metal, hardcore and stoner rock fans, alike. Decapitado’s unique and fascinating combination of tuneful guitar fury and rhythmic complexity has sucked  listeners in who love intensity, but are still melody-freaks.

In recent years, Decapitado’s terms of endearment have been fewer and further in between with a two-year break,  but now the band is ready to dish out some 7″s to those in waiting, in anticipation of another official full-length, scheduled for next year. Three EP’s to be precise. The first 7″ EP release is scheduled for tonight.

“Autowriter” B/W “Muzzle” will be released as the first in the series of three as the band plays alongside noise manipulators Boy Dirt Car, Chicago’s Arriver and Madison’s Siv. Catch the show and an EP at the Monkey Bar: 1619 S. 1st Street. 10 p.m. 21+



July 30, 2009

Alright … this is a sparse list of to-dos. Why do I not know anything about what’s going on this weekend?! Hey venues — I know it’s summer, but it wouldn’t hurt to update the ol’ website once in awhile (Lulu I’m looking at you) or get the right information out to the press about your shows so that the Shepherd Express doesn’t write about the supporting act like it’s the headliner (Stonefly!).  Don’t make me have to think about shamelessly self-promoting one of my own gigs that happens to be at Live on North on Friday night … oops.

So here are a couple of Friday shows that I actually received information on. If y’all know of anything else cool happening this weekend, hit me up via email Thanks! –AL

Friday, July 31

Signaldrift + Rich Dad + Pressboard + Made of Oak @ Cactus Club, 2496 S. Wentworth Ave. 10 p.m.

The experimental electronic duo Signal Drift is joined by fellow sonic searchers Pressboard and Rich Dad (a pair of CoCoBees side projects) and also Made of Oak, the solo project of Nick Sandborn of the Headlights and Decibully. “Esoteric” is the word that comes to mind; you’ll get quite familiar the tops of your shoes Friday night at Cactus.

The Nicotine Fits + Empty Heads + The Anasazis + Crappy Dracula + Crappy Dracula @ Frank’s Powerplant, California & KK, 10 p.m.

It’s loud, unforgiving, unapologetic DIY garage punk from across the United States. The Nicotine Fits are in from Colorado; they share a similar sound with Chicago bill-mates Empty Heads, which can be described as two-chord abrasiveness in so many words. San Diego’s The Anasazis take a more Beach Boys/Magnetic Fields-approach to the garage component. And if you don’t know about Milwaukee hosts Crappy Dracula, you’d best ask somebody.

Sunday, August 2

Group of the Altos + Night Owl + White Problems @ Cactus Club, 2496 S Wentworth, 10 p.m.

Group of the Altos have a lot of instruments and the chops to use them appropriately. Night Owl came all the way here from Quebec City. White Problems have an impressive pedigree and some incendiary new cds and t-shirts.  Don’t sleep on this one.

The Midwest Beat Have a New 7″

July 29, 2009


photo from MySpace

photo from MySpace

That’s right; the Milwaukee garage pop group is releasing a brand new, purple 7″ on Milwaukee’s own Tax Return Records. It’s the first release for the local label, and a good ‘n, at that. It’s up for grabs at the Farwell Avenue Exclusive Co., Rush Mor, (and of course, their shows). Here’s the lowdown:

“Bring the Water” 7″ b/w “Not to Worry” and “Molly Molly”

The Midwest Beat plays the UW-Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, 7/29/09.

Darren Cole’s Alpha Sessions

July 28, 2009

Our guy Darren Cole [Alphabang] documents the Milwaukee hip-hop scene in the Alpha Sessions, a series of short videos featuring some of the city’s best and brightest MCs. We’re particularly feeling the session he did with Prophetic of the Royal Fam crew, who incidentally just posted some new material on the MySpace page.

Here’s one with Adebisi and Fresh Cut Collective — even though it was taped just a few months ago, this band has already grown by leaps and bounds.  FCC has maybe the quickest learning curve of any band I’ve watched; this crew keeps getting better and better every time I see them. Giant steps for real.

Dana Coppafeel is a man that needs no introduction, but this video does a fine job doing just that. One of the cleverest MCs around. Love this video, too.

Kings Go Forth Sign to Luaka Bop

July 27, 2009


photo by CJ Foeckler

photo by CJ Foeckler

To the near-500 attendees at Friday’s Kings Go Forth release show at Turner Hall Ballroom, the ticket-check line added another checkpoint: pick up your postcard for the digital download of a track from KGF, because, guess what? The ten-piece just signed to Luaka Bop, a world label famous for music by Os Mutantes, Zap Mama and Cornershop

For those who went and were expecting to scour the merch table for more than just another copy of one of the two 45s the band was offering for sale, you were out of luck. Luaka Bop promises though, via the postcard, that: although “the album is not done yet [and] in the meantime we want to offer you a free download of a Kings Go Forth track. For those of you who register, we will let you know when the album is done and offer it to you at a special price. Please go here: Thank you! Luaka Bop & Kings Go Forth.”

So, those hungry for the main course are just going to have to stave off their hunger with a little soul snack for now. More information on the band’s hitching to Luaka Bop on their web site.