Moving At the Speed of Darkness


photo courtesy of the band

photo courtesy of The Championship

Words by Erin Wolf

“Love, shine on me, shine on me, and set us all free,” raised voices in song introduce listeners to the newest batch of songs from Milwaukee’s The Championship, who since 2005, have been forging their deep and twang-filled country songs in the fires and trials of life. This time around, the emphasis is on love and hope, although the title of their new EP might not make it seem like so. Traveling at the Speed of Darkness might sound like the next memorable quip from your new, favorite comic book hero, but to The Championship it’s all about understanding complexity. Singer Joe Crockett offers his explanation in time for the EP’s release this Saturday at the Cactus Club.

The Championship, “The Sword”

How long has the EP been in the making?

The songs were written within the last year or so; the actual recording took a month and a half to finish.

Where did you record?

We recorded with J. Christopher Hughes at his Becher Street studio.

Who came up with the title?

The title was conceived by myself, then revised by the band. We were driving to Madison for a show, and while enroute, we were trying to come up with a title. We all agreed that it should contain the word ‘darkness’ but didn’t really know where to go from there. I suggested ‘Traveling at the Speed of Darkness’. After rolling it off the tongue a few times, Jordan came up with ‘Moving at the Speed of Darkness’. And we saw that it was good.

You incorporated a choir into a couple of the songs: anyone we might know?

The choir was arranged and conducted by Allen Cote. Participants were members of Juniper Tar, Vega Star, The Maze, Pezzettino (Margaret Stutt) and a few others. I believe fourteen people in all.

“Love Shine On Me”: who is that song meant for?

“Love Shine On Me” is meant for everyone: it’s believed that you are never entirely free until you fully understand love and all of its complexities. I wanted to write a song that would chant a few words throughout it, with words that anyone could relate to. It makes for a fun sing-along at shows.

Details on the release show? 

The release show takes place at the Cactus Club on Saturday, June 27th. Our friends Birdlips are coming up from Charlottesville, Virginia, to open the show. They’re super-talented folks — it should be an all around, good time.

The Championship officially releases “Moving at the Speed of Darkness” at The Cactus Club this Saturday at 10 p.m. With Birdlips. 10 p.m. 21 +


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