How good does ripping off scalpers feel?

I just returned home from a three day, two-city run with Phish. I think I left my brain in Noblesville, Ind. somewhere. Anyway, when tickets went on sale through LiveNation in January, they went for $50, amounting to $62 after service charges. After going 0-for-5 using the busted-ass LiveNation lottery system, I decided to head to Deer Creek anyway, planning to buy an extra in the parking lot. I would do the same thing for the Sunday Alpine Valley show (I had a media pass for Saturday, read my review here.)

Long story short, I was expecting to pay AT LEAST face value for tickets. But the lot was so saturated with extra tickets, I was able to score mine for $30 and $25 — less than half of face value. I heard that extras selling for as little as $10. Incredible. So much for “winning the lottery.”

So how did this happen? Why the artificial demand when the tickets went on sale? I can only think that people over-ordered tickets thinking they could turn a profit in the parking lot. Does the glut of extras implicitly call out LiveNation giving lottery preference to big-order applicants? I can only speculate at this point, but remain curious as to why the scalping system failed so horribly on Phish tour.

But I won’t complain about my end result: I got into two shows for half price. After getting the shaft in the lotto, I can’t help but to feel good about karma biting scalpers in the ass for once. Thanks for buying half my ticket, guys. It was totally phriendly of you. Y’all must be carrying the wrong crystals for scamming Phish heads.

-Adam Lovinus


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