TGIT: Our Weekend Picks

Thursday, June 18th

The Reckless Hearts/photo courtesy of Myspace

The Reckless Hearts (CD Release) + Fahri  + the Fatty Acids @ Stonefly Brewing Company (735 E Center St.), 10 p.m.

Three-chord happy-happy-joy-joy ditties are littered all over The Reckless Hearts‘ first full length, “Get Up And Run.” Get first dibs on the album as it launches tonight. Get  equally hyped on the openers: Fahriand The Fatty Acids (which sounds like a more sober Mates of State) will definitely give you your seratonin fix for the night.

Friday, June 19th

Juniper Tar/Photo by ellagraph

AA BONDY + Holly Miranda + Juniper Tar @ Club Garibaldi’s (2501 S Superior), 10 p.m.

Singer-songwriter AA BONDY killed it softly with his songs when he opened for Bon Iver at the Pabst last summer; Saturday’s show will be fittingly much more intimate at the smaller Club Garibaldi. Prepare to get your head all jingley-jangly after prolific Milwaukee songwriters Juniper Tar rock their opening slot, and Holly Miranda slinks through her set.

Scarring Party + The Bitter Tears + Pezzettino @ Sugar Maple (441 E. Lincoln Ave), 9 p.m.

If you’ve never seen the Scarring Party, you should — if only to process what the hype is about. Whether you think Daniel Bullock’s singing is a stylish pretension or an original act, its always sufficiently creepy. Add odd instruments such as typewriter percussion, an accordion and tuba, and you get a sound that’s distinct, if nothing else. Oh, and opener Pezzetino could possibly be the sexiest accordionist-slash-singer Milwaukee has ever seen.

Saturday, June 20th

The Von Bondies/photo courtesy of Myspace

Summer Soulstice Music Festival (North Avenue and Farwell), starting noon

We heard this year’s Summer Soulstice was going to be a veritable hipster’s delight, with a dodgeball tournament and an American Apparel/Urban Outfitters sale to start off the celebration. Still, its a stellar lineup, led by the neo-glam Von Bondies (9:30 p.m., west stage), former Freshwater Collins members Invade Rome (West stage, 8 p.m. ), the Ike Reilly Assassination and the Lackloves.

Mark Mallman + Group Of The Altos + Cherry Cake @ Mad Planet (533 E Center St.), 9 p.m.

Supposedly, Mark Mallman is the craziest dude on a piano you’ll ever see. Rumors have included dousing his pianos with gas and playing them as they burned. Mallman, based in Minneapolis, has solid Milwaukee roots and has collaborated with many local musicians such as Davey von Bohlen of Maritime.


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