The S.S.R., Now Departing


Words by Erin Wolf

Former founder of jackraasch, Sean Raasch’s new project with his wife Saebra and Steven Look of Fable & the World Flat is dubbed The S.S.R. Insert cheesy lines about The Loveboat and Jacques Cousteau, *here*. While not necessarily a tribute band to underwater exploration or Carnival Cruises, the pop music of The S.S.R. is definitely setting sail (ahem) for another shoreline. The band’s show at the Bremen Cafe might be the last time Milwaukee will see the Raasch’s on deck. The two have their sights set on California, but in the meantime, will give their Milwaukee fans and friends one, last performance. Raasch, Raasch and Look divulge about writing, marriage, music videos and warmer waters with bigger fishes.

The S.S.R., “Change Today”

What happened to your old band, jackraash? Saebra’s also done solo stuff: what’s happening with that?

Sean: Jackraasch is the father of the S.S.R. He is still powerful and ready to blast out some tunes, given the opportunity. Don’t be surprised if he makes a reemergence soon. For the record, jackraasch days were the best of my life, but I’ve grown a lot since then through songwriting and experience.

Saebra’s solo stuff is what really drew me all the way into her. She is able to communicate her greatest of sorrows and brightest memories through music. I really enjoy that and wish for it to grow and continue.

What’s it like playing music with someone you’re married to?

Saebra: Music is a marriage between band mates, it’s awkward and rewarding, among other things. But our marriage has nothing to do with our music. Gag me if I have to see another cute husband /wife duo singing songs like patsy’s. Were here to play music and then make love afterwards.

Do you two find yourselves writing music differently now that you’re collaborating? Is it easier/harder with two vocalists?

Sean: We both have a way of meshing our styles together. Lightly, we have been playing the songs we have written in our own time together. Whoever wrote the song takes the lead, guitar, vocals, the other sits back and through beautiful harmonies, over or under the lead.

To be honest, music comes very natural to us and we like it that way, not much practice or over-doing of anything. Keeping the original feeling that connects you to the song is ideal and a must.

How did you get hooked up with Steven Look?

Steven: I first saw Sean at the I-Hop and he gave me a stink eye, two weeks later, I showed up at their doorstep begging for something to eat and a place to make short videos; so, we’ve been making food, making short films, and drinking with him ever since. And sometimes we play music. But videos always come first. Right now were working on an epic documentary about Tokey Tokey the Japanese pop sensation.

What’s going on this summer for the S.S.R.?

Sean: the summer is going to be spent avoiding bars, traveling out of state to play music, getting loaded in friends’ front yards and basically gearing up to travel west on the old Route 66, where our spirits have been drawn to since we were born. This might be my last performance in Milwaukee. I loved all the ups and downs of the Milwaukee scene, I’ve met the most beautiful people, and I could imagine playing shows here, unfortunately it’s time to dip. My time here is up, and Milwaukee, although special, has nothing more for me, us or The S.S.R. and jackraasch. So the S.S.R. is setting sail for California, a place where winter can’t harm our spirit.

The S.S.R. plays the Bremen Cafe tonight.


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