The Vega Star, Reviewed: The Night



Words by Erin Wolf

Bands will often up and change formula after they’ve made a comeback. For fans of Milwaukee’s the Vega Star, who began playing music together about seven years ago, only to pick up again in 2006, it’s a happy discovery that they haven’t changed much from their original sound of dark and brooding, southwestern style folk-country. Formed right around the time that Calexico and the Black Heart Procession took off, the Vega Star bring their own Midwestern flavor to somber balladry through a creationary environment of deep winters and limited daylight during the colder months.

The group’s recent release, The Night is exemplary of their return to form; a gorgeously spacious and mellow dive into the cooler shadows of the waters of indie folk. The first track, “The Well”, starts off with a rolling line of  of twang-y acoustic guitars and dynamics created by the pattering of a ride cymbal building up vocalist Justin Rolbiecki’s tale of hopes and dreams found inside the depths of a wishing well. Vocal harmonizing comes to the forefront on the second track “The Error”  and is emphasized in other songs throughout the album, providing the lightness needed from its otherwise introverted nature.

The Night plays up the acoustic guitar aspect heavily. A good chunk of their songs start with pickings and strummings, up-playing the album’s desolate nature and kicking off loping rhythms that emphasize the Vega Star’s penchant for vast sonic qualities and reverb that cradles their dark tunes of doubt into a sound that’s a cool-shadowed soundtrack to the beginning of summer.

The Vega Star, “The Error”

The Vega Star play songs from The Night at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn (1001 E. Locust)  this Saturday, May 16th at 10 p.m. Also playing: Juniper Tar and The Championship. 


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