The Freaks Come Out This Weekend at the Borg Ward

photo of Dear Astronaut courtesy of MySpace

photo of Dear Astronaut courtesy of MySpace

Words by Erin Wolf

The “freaks” come out in full force this weekend to the Borg Ward for an event that pays tribute to the red headed stepchildren and ‘I don’t give a f#@*’ attitudes of the Milwaukee music scene. Organizer Nathan Riddle says, “The Freaks Come Out Fest is a DIY festival to be held at the Borg Ward: the goal is go break down the barriers of DIY and get bands together that have nothing in common except DIY. This of course, leads to a wide variety of music to be heard in two days; there will be punk bands, noise bands, comedy-driven bands, prog-punk bands, stoner bands, space rock bands, spoken word and folk bands. The lineup includes [on May 8th] Gay Witch Abortion, Dear Astronaut, Guzzlemug, Gozortenplat, Mildew, Wabeno Rock Farm, Manic Zamboni and Joe Smith. On May 9th, [the lineup includes] Meth and Goats, Peter J Woods, White Problems, BoUnCeR fIgHtEr, AlligatorCrocodile, Rex Winsome, Equinox and Glvis.”

Witness DIY and avant garde at the Borg Ward this weekend, either one day at a time, or a take a double dose. Both shows start at 7 p.m.

Dear Astronaut, “Never-Ending Nosebleed”


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