Review: Dan Deacon + Future Islands + Teeth Mountain

Photo by CJ Foeckler

Photo by CJ Foeckler

Words by Adam Lovinus

We pissed off Dan Deacon. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but apparently some drunk jackass gave him the finger — at least that’s what I gathered from his short tirade a couple songs into his set at Turner Hall last night. Deacon had come on stage with his right arm in a sling, having separated his shoulder “doing something boring,” which forced him to perform the majority of the show on the stage, rather than in audience like he’s known to do. “It hasn’t been a fucking problem anywhere else,” Deacon snapped, visibly upset.

The energy went cold for about the next three minutes, then the room seemed to forget about it, and resumed the avant-garde dance party is Dan Deacon. These shows are more than just expos of the man’s elaborate computer-noise compositions. Not once (unless you’re a weirdo) should you ever contemplate sine waves during a Dan Deacon set. There’s too much other zany-ness going on, namely playground games — Deacon whipped the Turner Hall audience into frenzied games of ring-around-the-rosy, duck-duck-goose and London bridge as he and his 13-piece ensemble pummeled them with exotic electronic sounds and grooves. I love shows where I can feel the floor bouncing under my feet — and this was definitely one of those shows.

Photo by CJ Foeckler

Photo by CJ Foeckler

I also love when an opening band I had never heard of blows my mind. This was the case with Future Islands out of Baltimore. It’s a three-piece band: a vocalist, a bassist, and a synth making drum beats and weird digital noises and textures. The vocalist was a terrific smattering of Antony Hegarty (in sound only) and Morrissey; the beats were reminiscent of Postal Service, with the driving bassline making things a tad harder. They had the Turner crowd abuzz last night; I really hope to see them back in town soon.

Photo of Future Islands by CJ Foeckler

Photo of Future Islands by CJ Foeckler

Openers Teeth Mountain (also from Baltimore) were pure digi-gazer. They may have confused the younger ones in the crowd who came to play duck-duck-goose with Deacon, but back at the WMSE table, we were loving it. A post-rock drum circle of sorts, Teeth Mountain mashed Rusted Root-style drumming with layers of gauzy frequencies that shook in your throat and solar plexus. Cool stuff. I think Tom C. had a flashback.


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2 Responses to “Review: Dan Deacon + Future Islands + Teeth Mountain”

  1. Joel Says:

    Agreed. Everyone was talking about that Morrisey quality. Bra-vo!

  2. Joel Says:

    Also, I think many of us were not expecting that voice from that man, but it was a cinco de deacon TREAT!

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