The Hussy’s Army of Two

photo of The Hussy by Sean Owen

photo of The Hussy by Sean Owen

Words by Erin Wolf

The Hussy’s two-person garage-punk army is ready to seek and destroy eardrums. The ammo? Drums and guitar. And vocals. 

Bobby Wegner (guitar, vocals) and Heather Sawyer (drums, vocals) have gained recognition in Madison (their hometown) and Milwaukee through their raucous live performances as well as in Europe, through the release of their latest 7″ Winter Daze (title track, below) on the Netherlands’ a Fistful of Records. The six-song EP 7″ was released on Fistful back in March and in April in Madison/Milwaukee.  Short blasts of songs make for one speedy and thoroughly enjoyable, energetic freak-out. 

Recorded by Kyle Motor/Urban (side A) at MotorCo Studios in Madison and Ricky Riemer (side B) and mastered by Justin Perkins, Winter Daze is slightly messy (but not sloppy), Wegner and Sawyer’s shout/snarl-ed lyrics ear-blasting the trials and tribulations of drinking, loud music, summer and turkeys, sub-three-minute-style. 

The band’s split with Madison’s Sleeping in the Aviary is a satisfying spin of both, but the Hussy dominates the wax on their side, kicking and screaming out riffage, crashing drums and those confident, alternating vocals that demand attention, right now. Snakes? Snakes! That’s right. Everything gets punctuated to the utmost, and then some (listen to “Snakes” from their s/t split, below). 

Catch information on both releases at The Hussy’s MySpace page or tag along on a performance this week as they play Madison’s High Noon Saloon on Wednesday, Minneapolis’ the Hexagon on Friday and Green Bay on Saturday. Next stop in Milwaukee? Friday, June 5th for Plexi 3’s LP release party.

The Hussy, “Winter Daze”

The Hussy, “Snakes”


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