Review: White Problems + Absolutely @ Cactus Club (5/2)

White Problems vocalist Brian Rogers loves the camera. Seriously, I got like 20 photos of his back.

White Problems vocalist Brian Rogers loves the camera. Seriously, I got like 20 photos of his back.

Photo and words by Adam Lovinus

Sometimes my Internet gets a little spotty. Sometimes my Netflix is late. My favorite baseball team didn’t sign their ace pitcher this year. These are White Problems.

White Problems. The guy from Freight‘s new band that the guys from Year of the Scavenger and Pigs on Ice play in. These bands get Jesus Lizard comparisons all the time; it probably drives them nuts — but hey, it’s not like JL is some shit band. Plus, it’s really an apt comparison. White Problems attacks with the same menace, minus the guitar — it’s just drums and bass pounding out the type of stuttering unison riffs reminiscent of anything on the Touch and Go label circa 1987. Add the songwriting concept — the lyrical dissection of the ‘problems’ idiot white people bitch about — and there you have it.

Fun show. I told Whitney that if the song lyrics could be somehow projected behind the band, that would have been awesome. Because they’re probably hilarious.

A couple of other notes: Openers Absolutely [where’s your MySpace page?] played a nice set. The audience was pretty sparse, so they set up on the floor in front of the stage, turned out the lights and stuck a floodlight in the kick drum — it felt just like a basement. They played these sound clips before every number. The track that followed an ulta-Christian damning of Harry Potter was a rollicking odd-time punk masterpiece. Way to math-out, fellas.

Also, I found a killer drink deal at Cactus Club. I found out they sell those big ol’ cans of Heineken (24-oz.) for only $4. That’s like a $2 Heineken when you do the math. And that’s right on.


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2 Responses to “Review: White Problems + Absolutely @ Cactus Club (5/2)”

  1. Rob Says:

  2. Johnny Z Says:

    The lead man has a pseudo Mark Gormley power stance kinda thing going on.

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