Reviewed: Quintron + Miss Pussycat @ Cactus Club (4/11)


"This glow in the dark snake took the same side of the stage as Miss Pussycat. No charges were filed." - Brian Whitney

Review by Brian Whitney

Saturday’s Quintron/Miss Pussycat/Juiceboxxx show was endangered from the very earliest moments when a hastily-made note by the door informed the gathered Cactus Club patrons that “Psychedelic Horseshit will not be playing tonight”. The Cleveland-based noise outfit (and, coincidentally, the band I had come to see) had apparently taken an offer to play a festival somewhere, no doubt sunnier and more populated, thus leaving local fans out in both the figurative and literal cold.

Juiceboxxx went first, set up on the floor next to the stage on account on a massive amount of equipment used by Quintron and Miss Pussycat (more on that, later). Juiceboxxx seemed to be having trouble connecting with the audience, despite an excellent set including a number of songs from the “Thunder Jam” series of singles. The tension mounted when someone heckled Juice about the European techno flavor of his beats and it boiled over when DJ/guitarist Willy Dintenfass’ solo didn’t come through the sound system, resulting in an array of spilled microphones and tossed stage risers (and Dintenfass’ shattered guitar as the centerpiece). Even when the sound and the set didn’t go his way, Juice still knew how to make a spectacle and make his set memorable, for better or for worse.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s spectacle started with the tremendous collection of gear on the Cactus stage, including a giant keyboard stand fashioned out of the front of a Jeep (replete with a “QUINTRON” Louisiana license plate) and a puppet show stage.

Yes, the musical part of the evening was preceded by a puppet show, the plot details of which this reviewer were a bit hazy, but did feature a series of puppet raindrops and a beautiful, glow in the dark snake (see photo, above). The musical part of the evening had a hard time matching up to the puppet show, though Quintron’s keyboard-driven danceable rock was well-received by most of the assembled crowd. All in all, a good time was had, despite the cancellation of Psychedelic Horseshit and the circumstances faced by the performers that did show up.


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