What’s in a name? Ask Invade Rome

Words and interview by Bryon Cherry

Last fall, Milwaukee groove-rock vets Freshwater Collins decided to move forward under a different name, calling the band Invade Rome. The gestation period of any idea always has aspects of difficulty looming. One might then presume that the process becomes almost infinitely harder when you are developing a new band name for your band that has used the inaugural decade of the millennium to create a “happening” around its music. Invade Rome let Fan-belt sit in on their practice to talk about new beginnings and the end of you.

“Trust Another Lover,” Invade Rome

“Mae West,” Invade Rome

F-b: Was it a natural transition that brought about the band’s decision to change its name?

Josh Tovar (guitar): I would say it went back to around 2005 when we first discussed changing the band name. That’s kind of where it started. We talked about doing it for a long time but it never came together.

Chris Vos (vox, guitars): When we did our newest record (Light Eyed and Villainous) we knew that the sound had changed. It just wasn’t the same. It was at that point that we decided that if we were going to do (the name change) we had to just do it. At this point Justin (Krol, drummer) and Josh have just as much time logged as my brother and I had with the previous band members. The name change helped it to feel like all of us were equal because we try to keep it as equal as possible.

F-b: Were any of you nervous about the new name?

Josh: I was just more relieved than anything.

Chris: I wasn’t nervous. I was happy. I’ve never believed in anything as much as I believed in changing our name.

Justin: The last straw was the night of the Secret Machines show in Madison on October 17th. The whole ride up we were talking about how we were just going to announce the name change on stage that night. We didn’t end up doing it, but on Halloween the name change was finalized to Invade Rome.

F-b: Was putting the song “The End of You” at the end of the album a metaphor for the change?

Chris: No, it actually just happened like that. That song had been considered the last song on the record before we decided to change the name officially.

F-b: What were the top 5 band names that were too radical to make the cut?

1. Eagle Scream
2. Pyramid of Falcons
3. The Cheeseburgers
4. Hail in the Hallways
5. Buffalo Torch

Chris: The bottom line of this list is that naming your band is fucking hard.

Brian Vos (bass): Picking a name for our band was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I mean, everybody spends time sitting in bars thinking up band names but it is another thing entirely to put the name out there on the line and say that you are going to stand under it.

F-b: What is success for Invade Rome?

Chris: Being able to stay in the game and put out music that we enjoy.

Invade Rome plays a No Buck Show with The Parlor Mob at Turner Hall on Thursday April 16th. The show starts at 8 pm and yes it is completely free of charge to attend.


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2 Responses to “What’s in a name? Ask Invade Rome”

  1. wmseryan Says:

    Wow! I love y’all, but thank golly you went with Invade Rome. Those other names are atrocious.

  2. milwarea fan Says:

    Great name and recording…Good luck!

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